Beavis and Butthead make pretty girls.

Top: SheInside
Shorts: SheInside
Jacket: Steps
Shoes: gifted
Earrings: local shop

I was drawn to the design because I grew up watching this ridiculous show. They definitely aren't role models, hahaha. It was like watching a "what not to do" and a "what not to be" mini cartoon. Anyways, I love that they're girls here and the trend right now completely reflects what they're wearing. The fabric is comfortable and the fit is loose, but it's one size so it may be more baggy or more fitting depending on a person's size. It looks just like the stock picture and I'm completely satisfied with it. Happy to have it as a part of my wardrobe!

I know this shirt is a replica but I forget from what company.
I did find it here though but I'm not sure if that's it.
If anyone could tell me, I'll gladly edit it in!

I'm completely swept away by high waisted shorts. I used to wear high waisted skirts all the time but now it just doesn't feel right, hahaha! This is the second pair of denim high waist shorts I've received from SheInside and I just want to get more and more! The quality is good and it fits nicely. I got a size M and it's just a bit loose around the waist for me. Putting them through the wash and dryer will shrink them to a more fitting size. They are pretty short though so if you're not comfortable showing a little bit of booty, I wouldn't recommend these. If you get a size bigger they ought to be longer though.
They look like the stock picture with a little bit of difference since it's got the worn and torn look. The buttons are sturdy and a little stubborn to put in and put out but I prefer it that way so when I'm sitting they don't pop open, haha.


Thanks for reading my review!


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