Claudia Stevens Facial Prep Foundation Base Review

Hello! Today I'm reviewing the Claudia Stevens Facial Prep Foundation Base which can be found at Sally's Beauty Supply for $5.49USD.

It's a makeup primer for your face and it's the second one I've used so I can only give as much information as I know from my experiences between the two. The first being the Feel Like Honey Moon Skin Base that I received in a GlossyBox. I loved the general appeal, smell, and texture of the Feel Like Honey Moon Skin Base but the Claudia Stevens Facial Prep Foundation Base is more available and affordable for me. It has no smell and it also settles into the skin faster and leaves very little texture on my fingers when I apply it.

The finish looks really smooth after I apply my BB cream. It looks very even and stays put. Due to my oily skin, when it does start looking shiny my makeup does smudge if I start touching my face with my fingers so I prefer lightly blotting and reapplying my makeup.

It lasts for the majority of the day and keeps my makeup from looking cakey by the end of the day cause my oily skin. It also doesn't irritate or accentuate my dry skin. I do recommend exfoliating your face if you have dry skin though. I definitely couldn't go without it with if I were to wear my makeup all day or going to an event. It hasn't broken me out either, but I'm not very prone to break outs outside of hormonal changes.

This is the second time I've bought this product and I'll likely continue using it until I find another primer that suits my needs and preferences. It comes in a much larger box but the product is in a hand size bottle, good for travel. The first bottle I bought I squeezed it like crazy to get the rest out! I'm glad I'm capable of doing that cause I would hate to let a good chunk go to waste cause I can't get it out. It lasts a very long time and I use a little more than a pea size to cover my entire face.

Below is how it looks out of the bottle. It has no color whatsoever. The texture is very interesting. It doesn't feel wet or liquidy. The best way I can describe it is silky. A couple other people I've introduced it to agree. I'm a texture person so if something feels irritating I pretty much stay away from it but this was nice to put on.

So if you're new to makeup/makeup primers and you want to try something that's on the cheaper side, I'd recommend this product for sure! 


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