i.Fairy Ash Brown Circle Lens Review

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~ This review is based on my own opinion and experiences. ~

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Color + Pattern
This is a bold and noticeable lens. The pixels are opaque and will cover over the eye color. The eye hole isn't too small so you won't see a bit of the edge of the lens while wearing. The color is a bit more vibrant than the stock image.

This is one of the hugest circle lenses I've worn. They're actually a bit too big for my own comfort. I tend to prefer lenses at 14.5mm. These at 16.2mm will definitely make an impression and give those big dolly or anime eyes. It's good for cosplay.

i.Fairy is one of my favorite brands when it comes to comfort level.

Over All
In my opinion, they only look good with heavy makeup. They're overwhelming by size and I wouldn't wear them for anything but cosplay or if I really wanted to do a doll look. They do a good job of that. 
I had these in the color blue as well. You can see my review here


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