Pastel Eyebow Printed High Waisted Skirt in White

They sent me one to add to my growing collection!

Aside the eyebow skirt, below you can see their Pastel Rainbow Ombre Skirt, Eyeball LeggingsEyeball Collar Pins, Eyeball Ring, and Rose Collar Pins

Okay, onto the review!

Their new bodycon skirts are thinner now but they stay in place pretty well. I got a size S and it fits wonderfully. There's plenty of stretch so and since it's a fitting skirt, it will compliment and fit many body types. However, they do custom sizes as well if you prefer a custom fit!

Their labels are printed in and are not small itchy tags. It doesn't look obnoxious. It's quite cute :3

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago but I got caught up preparing for moving and other things that I didn't post these! As usual, FoxTale Design clothes feel great on the skin and are so much fun to wear!


And, let me share something amazing with you.
Something that's very new in their original print designs.

It's up fro preorders right now. Get to it cause it's cheaper to preorder!


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