Aumore Giveaway!

Hello, everyone!

Let me introduce you to, Aumore!
~ for the adorable and the unusual ~

They have kindly offered me to do a giveaway of one of their handmade headbands.

As an added bonus, I'll be giving away the EOS New Adult series provided by LoveShoppingholics!
Aumore and LoveShoppingholics are NOT associated with each other. This is officially an Aumore Giveaway but I was permitted by Aumore to add the circle lenses as extra prizes. However, as both are my sponsors, it will be a requirement to Like both of their FB pages.

These are brand new, unopened lenses. All the lenses are PLANO which means they have no prescription. When you wear them it won't make your vision any better or any worse. You can wear these with corrective glasses if you have poor vision. They will come with their own contact lens cases. You must provide the contact solution yourself.
Look at my Circle Lens Care page if you're new to circle lenses.

Rules + Requirements

1. This is open to USA and CANADA only.
2. You must have a Facebook and a Tumblr.
3. You can only enter through Rafflecopter.
4. Use an email or tumblr where I can get in contact with you if you win.
5. You must be 16 or older to enter. The age limit is because of the circle lenses. They can be a hygiene concern and you must know how to properly take care of them. I feel more comfortable giving them to people who are just a bit older even though age doesn't always mean one person's habits are better than another. This is just more comfortable for me and I feel like those who are older will have better use of these items. PLEASE take care of your eyes. Refer to my Circle Lens Care page.

As the host, I can change the rules and requirements at any time.

Enter below!

Good luck!


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