I can't believe I won an Iron Fist Giveaway!

Hello, everyone!

This is a post dedicated to the Iron Fist Clothing giveaway I entered and amazingly won!
All the items are from their Loose Tooth collection. I received my winnings about a week ago and I think I was too dumbfounded that I actually won to register that all the items were mine as I pulled out each item. They even sent a couple extra little things. I'll go over all the prizes, but first, here is my first outfit that I wore with my first Iron Fist items ever!

Thank you so much, IFC!
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Overshirt: my husband's
Top: i can't remember
Shorts: Love Culture
Tights: LoveShoppingholics.com
Shoes: IronFistClothing.com
Bag: IronFistClothing.com
Hat: DIY
Choker: Cotton On
Sunglasses: IronFistClothing.com
Bracelet: Hot Topic

Among the prizes were two bags. You saw the one on the left in my outfit pictures. The one on the right is just as big. I love the neon color and the drawstring bag inside that you can take out.

On the left are sunglasses, a detailed skill ring, a braided spike bracelet, a studded leather bracelet, and a pretty keychain that I immediately attached to my keys. The picture on the right is a body con skirt :]

This is the only item that isn't a part of the Loose Tooth collection. The one they were originally going to send was out of stock in my size so they kindly let me choose another pair from their website! I thought these were pretty neat but cute at the same time! They're very comfortable and light to wear. I was surprised that they almost felt like they weighed nothing.

A pair of sandals and a two piece swimsuit! That is the first swimsuit I've owned and tried on in several years. The idea of going to the beach is very odd to me since I've avoided it so long from self esteem issues. Maybe it's about time I go back. It's still summer in Florida for a few more months, hahaha!

These two were my favorite of all the items! I looove shoooooes!
The slop between the front of my feet and the back aren't too steep so it's very comfortable standing in these. It's super easy to walk in the boots but the heels are taking a bit to get used to because it rounds off quite a bit at the toe and the only parts holding my feet is the strap around the ankle and the band over my toes. I haven't worn heels in awhile too so that's a part of it. Both of these are also light! They're not clunky or heavy to lift.

As an extra, they sent this funny beer koozie. 

Lastly, on the left are some stationary cards and envelopes. On the right is the beach towel, which has a pocket in the corner that you can stuff the towel into, and an umbrella! After the shoes I was most excited about the umbrella. I really like cool umbrellas, haha! It's quite rainy in Florida during the summer so it's enjoyable being able to use an umbrella as an accessory too!


And that's that! I'm still excited that I won. I rarely join giveaways mostly because I'm not usually the lucky kind of person to win things, but for once I did! So, go join giveaways! Even if it's a slither of a chance, you could still win :3

I feel extremely spoiled about this too because all this happened close to my birthday! I'm basically considering this a huge birthday gift. Once again, thank you, Iron Fist Clothing!


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