Leather jackets are cool - outfits + sheinside review

As a birthday present, a friend got me a BOY snapback and a black leather purse with tassels. Such PERFECT items for my style transition! Thank you again, friend! ♡

I couldn't wait to wear them out so the very next day I coordinated them into an outfit. I figured, why not review the last piece I got from SheInside along with it!

I felt SO confident in this outfit. It's exactly what I want to dress like more often. It's just too bad it's still too hot for leather jackets!!

Top: Goodwill
Shorts: SheInside.com
Jacket: SheInside.com
Socks: SockDreams.com
Shoes: IronFistClothing.com
Necklace: Cotton On
Bag: gifted
Hat: gifted

Top: Love Culture
Skirt: IronFistClothing.com
Jacket: SheInside.com
Shoes: IronFistClothing.com
Bag: IronFistClothing.com

In my outfit pictures the sleeves are rolled up since I've got short arms, haha. I got a Size S and it fits but it's snug around my bust. I consider this an autumn jacket for nippy weather but not for extremely cold days so I don't plan on layering with this. Therefore, I'm okay with not being able to comfortably zip it all the way up. If you want to layer with this, carefully decide on the measurements they have the available sizes, which they also carry M and L.

It looks really good in person and it's already a favorite jacket. I like collecting jackets even though they're only actually useful about once a year, LOL. Gotta plan for when I eventually move out of Florida, right? Hahaha.

Anyways, the only problem I have with this jacket was that the belt wasn't aligned correctly where the little needle (not sure what it's called) is placed. The needle is too short and the belt is too long, so it has weird spacing. It doesn't ruin the jacket or anything. It's just a bit bothersome when trying to buckle it.

All in all, it's a good piece. I'd wear it every day if I could. It has a nice punk look to it.


And if you're anything like me, wearing sweaters and jackets even though it's 90 degrees outside, SheInside has a coupon code for 15% off on 3D Printed Sweatshirts! The code is 3D916.

Here are a few of my favorites that are a part of the sale.


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