New Inspiration: Stylenanda

Most of the time, with me, a hair change comes with a style change.
I'm going from a cutesy, colorful look to a more relaxed and street wear kind of look.
I'm ready to put up most of my dolly clothes and go for something more mature.
I feel that it's very suiting for the season change. I really can't wait for cuddling weather!

A great example of what I'm going for are the clothes and looks on Stylenanda.
So I would like to share with you some of my favorite pieces and outfits from their site!
I'll link to the items below each picture.


If you clicked into any of the links, you'll notice that some of their items are expensive but the basic look for this style is very simple. Items you can easily find in thrift stores! Plaid button ups, baggy tops, high waist denim shorts. There's a good chance you'll have to cut and sew a bit for a more up to date and fitted look, but it would definitely be just for you. You can also grab some fabric paint, stencils and/or painters tape, and paint up your own designs.

Snapbacks and beanies are a part of this look and you can design your own too! You can buy some cheap ones and paint some words or designs and sew/glue something on to it like patches, beads, horns, or wings. Make it your own. No one else will have it!

The color schemes are typically neutral, red, black, and white, with occasional appearances of neon and pastel. When using color, concentrate on one color like a neon yellow or red while everything else is either black and white or neutral, or do all neutral, either different colors or within the same shades. You can also concentrate on a fabric as the center piece of the look, such as denim or leather. Either go all out in the fabric or choose one piece.

I'm still building up my new style. It's slow going but I'm getting my pieces together! I recently bought 5 new tops at Goodwill. They're all basic. Three white tops and two red tops. A mix of fitted and loose. Those pieces will be easy to use with leather, denim, plaid, and even mixing with colors. I don't have many tops versus bottoms, so that's my priority. When shopping for a new style, I like to start off with basic pieces that I consider building pieces because it's building up my wardrobe for when I can buy more detailed pieces and have things to wear them with. It's easy to jump in and buy something that doesn't go with anything you wear and the item just sits in your closet while you're still wearing your old style. That's why I prefer basics first. Think of the color scheme you like, cuts, and what's a good in between from your current style and the new style you want to get into. That's a good way to start.

So is anyone else in transition to a new style?
And who else is excited for autumn and pumpkin everything?!


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