Pastel & White Outfits + SheInside Review

I've been enjoying wearing dark colors again but I still love my pastels!

Below are a couple outfits I put together to review the white shorts.
I know lots of people are scared to wear white because of them getting dirty. I fear that too but I like the look of it against my skin tone and I'm pretty aware of myself when it comes to cleanliness.
So do you dare wear anything white?

Top: Goodwill
Sweater: Goodwill
Belt: Goodwill
Shoes:, I think

Top: Bealls
Jacket: Wet Seal
Thigh Highs:

This is the first pair of white shorts I've ever worn. It's taken me quite awhile to get over my fear of wearing white for two reason. 1.) Looking bigger and 2.) Getting it dirty/stained. I've learned to let go of those ideas. So long as I'm happy and confident, I could wear ketchup on my clothes and still have a good day. I probably wouldn't like the smell though.


 These shorts are a basic piece and it will easily go with any color scheme or it can be used for a DIY project. You can dye it or paint it, which I might do if I wind up thinking they're too plain as they are.

I got a size S. In the outfit pictures, that's how they looked right out of the package. I just put them through the wash and dryer and they do shrink a bit, but it's still longer in the back so the bottom of your booty won't be exposed  and instead of it resting below my naval, the shorts actually cover it now on their own. They also have size M and L. They look just like the stock picture.

My only complaints are the cut is too boxy for my preference, the zipper is stubborn going up and down, and the fabric is a bit rough. I'm sure they had to really bleach the fabric or thread or something to get it so bright white. It is a bit of an off white in person though. I'm sure some fabric softener will do.


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