Glossybox October Exclusive Early Preview!

I feel like such a lucky gal!
Glossybox decided to send me an exclusive early preview of the October Glossybox!
It will be a special edition box curated by Byrdie Beauty, the sister site of Who What Wear.

October's box will include the items above from Tarte and Fresh. The Lights, Camera, Flashes Statement Mascara by Tarte and the Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream by Fresh.

First of all, one of my favorite color combinations is pink and gold so I can't stop gushing over these pictures. If the unusual but beautiful gold packaging doesn't draw you in, maybe the product itself will!

This mascara claims to lengthen, curl, and magnify for a intensified look and increases lash volume by 752% instantly. Take a look yourself of my before and after of my own eye.

What do you think?

I don't have the long, full lashes that I envy so I wear falsies often. Even with mascara it's not enough to my taste, but you can see a clear difference and improvement of thickness and length with this mascara on. I typically wear mascara only on my bottom lashes since they grow sideways and look nearly invisible. With mascara I coat them with downward strokes so that they appear.

I think I'm more in love with the package than the mascara itself. However, I'm not very good at reviewing mascara since it's difficult for me to apply. Mascaras tend to be work for me because of how thin my lashes are and how close they are to my skin so it results in a lot of smudging and patience to apply.

Compared to other mascaras that I've tried, I still prefer the Beauty Addicts Show Off Mascara which was also in a Glossybox last year! Maybe it's because it had a curved brush though. My eyelashes and eyes shape may be better suited with a curved brush whereas all the other mascaras I've tried have straight brushes. I only just realized that now, hahaha! Goes to show how much I pay attention to my lashes. I ought to buy a curved mascara brush. For makeup beginners, let's learn together cause apparently there's still a lot I don't know!

As for this face cream, the products I love tend to be the ones that make a great impression on me the first time I use them and this is one of those products. Good skin products are hard to come by and it takes so much money and experimenting to find which ones work right just for your skin type. Mine is combination oily/dry, which is difficult and awful to have, haha. I get both the problems of being too oily and shiny which makes makeup cake and run off my face and being too dry which means my skin gets flakey and dry and can hurt without proper moisturizer which looks really bad with makeup on. It's a mess.

The first thing I fell in love with about this moisturizer is the texture. It went right into my skin and it wasn't runny or wet that it took awhile to dry. It felt smooth and silky and so did my skin. When it was dry it didn't leave my skin needing more nourishment and it didn't make the oiliness of my skin worse. I can't say it helped it either but it's very important to me that my skin products don't make me oilier or drier. I can say this is a good in between and probably would work best for people with normal/dry skin, but it's definitely not bad for people with oily skin either.

The second thing I fell in love with was the scent. It's not too strong. It's very light and relaxing. You shouldn't notice it after it dries either, unless you have a very strong nose.

They sent a sample size jar of this product of 15ml which will last me between a week to a couple weeks, using it day and night. The full size jar is 50 ml at $42. In all honesty, it's probably a really good investment for people who take extra steps to take care of their skin. It will last a long time and it has great instant results. When I buy any product I mean to dedicate to it while being able to use it for a long time and not waste money. I would categorize this product under those requirements.

This is the second product that I remember from Fresh being sent by Glossybox and so far I'm definitely a fan of their work. The last product I remember was the Umbrian Clay Mattifying Seruman oil control serum, and it was awesome!


Each box has 5 different beauty products and is only $21, which is a great price considering all the great items they send :D And if you would like to get a better feel about Glossybox and a look of all the different products they sent out, check out all of my Glossybox Reviews here!


Cats + Crosses Outfit

Hello, everyone!

I've got a couple new items to show off to you! Below is a Cross + Eye Necklace and Cat Tights that I got from Romwe is an online fashion store with a huge selection of clothing and accessories. Lots of fun, cute, and trendy things can be found there.

Since I'm trying out for their Fashion Blogger program, I had the chance to pick out these two items and put an outfit together for them!

Hat: gifted
Choker: CottonOn
Top: Love Culture
Shoes:, I think
Jacket: Forver21

I wish I had a cat headband to wear with the tights for other outfits! I think I may make some or just grab one from a costume store since it's almost Halloween anyways :3

So, what do you think of this outfit?


Striped Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt Review + Outfit

Hello, everyone!

Check out this Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt I got from SheInside!

How cute is this sweater?! It's visually appealing with it's black and white patterns, and of course, Mickey Mouse! The edgy feel of the black and white patterns are softened by Mickey's happy expression but can be styled for cuteness or for edginess.

I was pleased with this the very moment I pulled this out of the package! It's wrinkly right out of it since the pattern is printed on. I don't think it will crackle since the sweater is rather roomy. I would have to stretch it out in order for it to do that, and then there's having it for a long time which would make sense for it to crackle. I'm definitely looking forward to having this for a long time!

This sweater only comes in one size but it has a lot of space in it. I think it can fit quite a range of people but it may be short for some. When I raise my arms up, it does show my midriff, but that can be fixed with a top underneath for those who mind.

It's not too thick and the inside isn't fuzzy like some sweaters are. The neckline is wide and lets in a lot of air so even though it's a long sleeve, it's best to wear something underneath if you're trying to stay warm. Otherwise, this is alone is comfy for cool weather. That odd in between where it's still cool enough in the sun to still it with a little bit of warmth. I think that's perfect weather ♡

All together, I'm happy with this sweater. I can get swallowed up in it which is fun for lazy days when I want to be warm but still look cute.


California Dream Barbie Sweatshirt Review + Outfit

Hello, everyone!

I guess the doll in me doesn't want to be stored away!
Here is my review for the California Dream Barbie Sweatshirt from SheInside!

 The first time they had this top on SheInside it was gone so fast I couldn't get my hands on one! I'm so happy they restocked it :D

Top: Love Culture
Socks: don't remember

Where do I even start?! This sweatshirt is all together one of the cutest sweatshirts I've ever seen! The color combination is appealing, it's a pretty pink, it says Barbie in pretty font, and it's soooo comfortable! It's actually thinner than I thought it was going to be but it still keeps in good heat. The fabric is breathable too.  In the pictures of my outfit the sleeves are scrunched up a bit and the full length is also somewhat tucked so it's actually longer and would fit tall people pretty well. It's unfortunate that it's only one size though :[

I don't know what else to say about this. It looks just like the stock picture and there's no imperfections.  It appeals to me so much, it's perfect, and I feel so cute in it!


TOYOEPIN EYE 7716 Japan Style Eyelash Review + TOYOEPIN EYE 7717 Japan Style Eyelash Review

I've had these lovely lashes for awhile now but I kept pushing back my review on them. Forgive my lateness ; ___; Sometimes I'm just not on top of this blog versus what's going on in my life.
But finally, here is the review!


These can be fragile and need some careful handling, but considering how thin and light they are, they last pretty long.

Length + Volume

These are a natural length and can comfortably be glued from the inner eye to the outer corner of the eye but cutting them is optional for style preference. The volume is longer than natural lashes but the design makes them appear more natural.


This lash looks a little feathery. It's thin but long and gives a pretty natural look. It's heavier and darker on the outer part of the lash versus the inner half but it blends well with your own eyelashes. 


The spine is light and flexible and the lashes are soft. Sometimes I forget I'm wearing them! They're only uncomfortable if you put them on wrong

Over All

When I first got them, I was disappointed. I didn't think they would be so natural. At the time I was used to big, fabulous falsies. These are pretty much my first natural lashes for years. However, I started appreciating a more natural look without giving up my falsies and these were perfect.

This is a thin and short lash, so it can be fragile if handled too roughly. Considering how small they are, they can last long with proper care.

Length + Volume

These are half lashes, applied around the center of the eye to the outer corner of the eye. It's longest and curliest at the outer corner.


I wore this lash when I wanted the focus of my makeup to be a winged eyeliner. Whether if it's a small wing or a dramatic wing, the heavy end of the lash puts focus on it. These falsies would be good for stacking to create new lash designs too!


Half lashes are comfortable to wear and I tend to forget I have them on!

Over All
I love lashes that look like this. I don't have much to say! It's a favorite style for my eye shape and makeup preference.

Vassen Lollipop / I.Fairy Cara Red Circle Lens Review

This review is sponsored by LoveShoppingholics!
~ This review is based on my own opinion and experiences. ~

Please take a look at my Circle Lens Care page if you are interested in circle lenses!


Color + Pattern
Just look at them! The color is outrageous and still looks vibrant in dimly lit rooms. It's a bright red and within it's pattern it has the colors yellow and black. I don't know how to describe the pattern. You can see it yourself. In one section of the lens, it has a sparkle design but it doesn't really show up on the lens when wearing them.

The color helps with how big these look, as well as with the tiny pupil hole.

i.Fairy tends to be comfortable for me but this lens was drying up quicker than the other ones I've had from i.Fairy, but it might be due to it being 16.2mm. The bigger the lens, the less oxygen to the eyes. So keep eyedrops with you and wear this for special occasions and events only, versus daily use.

Over All
These shocked me! They're not something I would use often but they're so much fun to have! They definitely stir up some creativity. I would love to see how people would use these with costumes and makeup!