California Dream Barbie Sweatshirt Review + Outfit

Hello, everyone!

I guess the doll in me doesn't want to be stored away!
Here is my review for the California Dream Barbie Sweatshirt from SheInside!

 The first time they had this top on SheInside it was gone so fast I couldn't get my hands on one! I'm so happy they restocked it :D

Top: Love Culture
Socks: don't remember

Where do I even start?! This sweatshirt is all together one of the cutest sweatshirts I've ever seen! The color combination is appealing, it's a pretty pink, it says Barbie in pretty font, and it's soooo comfortable! It's actually thinner than I thought it was going to be but it still keeps in good heat. The fabric is breathable too.  In the pictures of my outfit the sleeves are scrunched up a bit and the full length is also somewhat tucked so it's actually longer and would fit tall people pretty well. It's unfortunate that it's only one size though :[

I don't know what else to say about this. It looks just like the stock picture and there's no imperfections.  It appeals to me so much, it's perfect, and I feel so cute in it!


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