Cats + Crosses Outfit

Hello, everyone!

I've got a couple new items to show off to you! Below is a Cross + Eye Necklace and Cat Tights that I got from Romwe is an online fashion store with a huge selection of clothing and accessories. Lots of fun, cute, and trendy things can be found there.

Since I'm trying out for their Fashion Blogger program, I had the chance to pick out these two items and put an outfit together for them!

Hat: gifted
Choker: CottonOn
Top: Love Culture
Shoes:, I think
Jacket: Forver21

I wish I had a cat headband to wear with the tights for other outfits! I think I may make some or just grab one from a costume store since it's almost Halloween anyways :3

So, what do you think of this outfit?


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