Missha Pure Source Aloe Sheet Mask Review + MJ Care Platinum Essence Facial Mask Review

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Fun in the sun can take a toll on your face! That's why you should apply the Missha Pure Source Aloe facial mask sheet after a long day at the beach, post pool time, or after simply enjoying your day outdoors. It instantly soothes sore skin, making it soft and supple again.

About the Ingredients
Aloe extract, the main ingredient, will also replenish some of the moisture you are missing no thanks to the harsh sun's rays. Store it in your cool refrigerator as an added bonus to receive spa-like treatment from the comfort of your own home.

Simply apply it to freshly washed skin, allow the sheet mask to restore your youthful glow and help you get gorgeous skin. After about 20 minutes, the Korean facial mask will easily peel off and allow you to gently dab and absorb the left over moisture all around your face. To get premium results, apply a sheet mask at least twice a week!

I decided to use this mask after a run in the heat as the sun was about to set. I would have loved to try this mask out after an actual day in the sun or something but that's pretty much as outdoorsy as I get. Since it was getting dark, the pictures aren't the best quality. My apologies!

Before putting this mask on I had it cooled in the fridge, which gave off a calming and refreshing feeling. When I put it on my face, the serum wasn't running like I have experienced with some masks. It was soaked in the pure cotton sheet mask and laid on my face comfortably. This mask doesn't have a plastic piece to keep hold of the shape. It's overlapped on itself but folded nicely.

The shape of this mask is wide and reached my hair. I wasn't able to smooth it out completely because the mask was somewhat big. The spacing for the eyes, nose, and mouth were comfortable for me.

When the 20 minutes were up and I took the mask off, the mask still felt damp but I couldn't squeeze much serum out of it. However, I had a fan on me since I was still hot from my run, which no doubt caused the face mask to dry out faster. So if you want more out of this mask, don't put a fan close to your face, haha!

After the serum dried up, my skin felt moisturized. I didn't look oily or dry, which is a problem for my skin, so I'm glad it didn't make either worse. I would have liked to see this mask work on some sun sensitive skin though to see if it really helps. However, I hate sunburns and I'm super careful about being in the sun for too long.

From my experience, it's still a soothing mask to try out!


$1.29USD for 1 sheet - Purchase Here
Showcase your shiny, radiant skin after you wear the MJ Care Platinum Essence Mask. The cotton, multi-layered mask is incredibly soft, comfortable, and easy to use.

About the Ingredients
Its main ingredient, platinum, is known for its brightening qualities which helps you look years younger, refreshed, and polished with or without the use of make-up. It also detoxes, pulling out any impurities or imperfections; and safeguards the skin. It is the perfect mask to apply after skin gets dull, drab, and dry on long flights or bus trips; or if winter weather is wreaking havoc on your face. Taking care of your skin is essential to looking younger longer and getting a soft, radiant glow that is the envy of all!

After wearing the mask for about 20 minutes you’ll notice that your face feels cleaner and looks brighter. Apply the Platinum Essence mask a few times a week to get maximum results.

I had been neglecting my skin for awhile and It was dry and dull but it gave me the opportunity to try out this mask. My expectations from this mask was for it to make my skin look brighter and more lively. Whereas my skin during this time was looking worn out. I wasn't taking very good care of myself x[

I wore the mask for 20 minutes and it wasn't uncomfortable to wear. The shape of this mask fit my face pretty well and as usual face masks give a calming effect.

When it was time to take off the mask, I tested to see if the mask was still soaked in serum and sure enough, there's still plenty. I dabbed the rest on my face and let it dry. My skin felt good and clean. I couldn't tell much of a difference on the surface and I can't say that the brightening was noticeable but I was happy to have a mask on hand that was specifically for dull skin.

After a few hours, I checked on my skin again and unfortunately this mask didn't help with my oily skin. It seemed to have made it worse. Maybe the platinum was trying to make me shine a bit too much, haha! I didn't do anything out of the normal either. This mask is definitely for dull and dry skin or normal skin. For us with oily skin, this may not be something you would want to use.


These are the last masks I have left over to review! I'll be doing them in pairs.

Tightening and smooth skin. || Whiten complexion. Sooth, soften, purify.

Firms facial lines around eyes, forehead, mouth, and neck. Makes skin look wide awake and refreshed. Tighten, smooth, and soften skin. || Enhance facial contour. Firm loose skin and lift back in place. Wear while sleeping. Anti-aging ingredients. 

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