September 2013 GlossyBox Review

Hello, everyone!

Here is another month with Glossybox!
As thrilled as I was with last month's box, this box was right on point for me!
As well as did it give me a couple of items that I have been meaning to buy and replace. That's one of my favorite things about Glossybox. There are times where I'm running out of a certain product and then the month's box rolls in and inside is exactly what I need! The last box replaced my face powder and this box replaced my eyeliner and eyelash curler. I hasn't even been a week yet of me using these items but I'm so excited to share with you my experiences thus far with these products!


Normally, I'm not that excited when I receive perfumes of any kind. I'm very particular about smells, but I was pleasantly surprised with this one and I'm looking forward to using it! I usually give away the perfumes that I get from Glossybox but this one's mine all mine!
I'm having a hard time describing the scent but it makes me feel warm which I think will be a good fragrance for autumn. If you see this in a store, check it out!


My favorite eyeliner is liquid eyeliner with a felt tip. This is exactly that, except this looks just like a marker! It could easily be mistaken for one for those who aren't familiar with makeup. Felt tip eyeliners give you better control of creating a sharp, straight line. What I like about this one is that it gives the options of thin lines, with it's tiny tip, and very thick lines with it's thick bottom. You can see on my hand, how thin and thick the lines can be made with this eyeliner. After a few seconds of letting it dry, I smudged it semi-hard with my finger. It will stay put so long as you don't rub your eyes.
All together, I'm happy with this eyeliner! Now to see how long it lasts or dries up.


I have a confession to make. The only eyelash curler I have ever used is a cheapie one that comes in those cheapie makeup brush sets. I've wanted to invest into a more expensive eyelash curler because they must do something different if they cost that much when I can get one for about $5 and does the job. Well, when I used this, I was so amazed and thrilled that I have it in my possession. I was so excited that I showed the difference to my husband and him not knowing anything about makeup could even tell the difference!

(The liner used here was the one I posted about above!)

The top pictures are the before and the bottom pictures are after. I've got very straight eyelashes that point downward, so they can be stubborn to curl and stay nicely curled. When I used this eyelash curler, it was gentle and it didn't take me long to curl my lashes. Whereas my old cheapie one, it would only slightly curl my lashes and it wasn't comfortable to use on my hand or on my lashes.

If you like curly lashes, definitely invest in a good quality eyelash curler. Thanks to Glossybox, I finally have one! Seriously, this is amazing. I probably would have never tried it otherwise. This curler is $30 and I got one for a Glossybox that costs $21, plus all the other great items! Sometimes this company just blows me away.


"NIOXIN Diamax, with a fusion of Niacinamide, Panthenol and Caffeine, is proven to increase the diameter of each existing hair strand, penetrate hair and make it fuller and more manageable, and strengthen hair resilience against breakage."

There are three reasons why I would like to believe this product is really good and would work. The first one is Glossybox sent it. The items they sent are more of a hit than a miss for me. The second one is that this bottle is $50!! If someone is willing to spend that much on a hair product, it must be really good. The third one is when I posted a picture of this on my Instagram, I had someone comment saying they love this product. So, all in all, even though I've only used this once, I can hope that it will give me great results.

It's very easy to use too. You can use it on dry or damp hair, once a day, and it's not sticky feeling. It dries nicely. There's also a little piece that is attached to the nozzle that you can take off. It's a cap so that if none of the product is wasted if you take it with you anywhere.


This is a brilliant, travel safe, and affordable item that is used to remove makeup mistakes! Too much eyeliner? Smeared lipstick? Messy mascara? This pen will help take care of those without any smell and without drying out your skin. In the picture, I used the pen on the eyeliner swatch once. There was a lot on the tip of the makeup remover pen but I dabbed it on some cloth and was left with a little black mark. If the tip gets too dirty, there are three replacements that come with it. This will likely last some time since I don't make too many mistakes but it's very convenient to have!


As I said, this box was right on point for me. There's not much I could say that was bad about this box... Thinking about it, I can't think of one bad thing! I'm overall impressed with the items and the price of it all together. For $21USD, you can buy this box right now with all these wonderful items which cost over $100USD!

I wonder what surprises they're going to send for Christmas.
This box alone already felt like a Christmas gift!


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