Striped Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt Review + Outfit

Hello, everyone!

Check out this Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt I got from SheInside!

How cute is this sweater?! It's visually appealing with it's black and white patterns, and of course, Mickey Mouse! The edgy feel of the black and white patterns are softened by Mickey's happy expression but can be styled for cuteness or for edginess.

I was pleased with this the very moment I pulled this out of the package! It's wrinkly right out of it since the pattern is printed on. I don't think it will crackle since the sweater is rather roomy. I would have to stretch it out in order for it to do that, and then there's having it for a long time which would make sense for it to crackle. I'm definitely looking forward to having this for a long time!

This sweater only comes in one size but it has a lot of space in it. I think it can fit quite a range of people but it may be short for some. When I raise my arms up, it does show my midriff, but that can be fixed with a top underneath for those who mind.

It's not too thick and the inside isn't fuzzy like some sweaters are. The neckline is wide and lets in a lot of air so even though it's a long sleeve, it's best to wear something underneath if you're trying to stay warm. Otherwise, this is alone is comfy for cool weather. That odd in between where it's still cool enough in the sun to still it with a little bit of warmth. I think that's perfect weather ♡

All together, I'm happy with this sweater. I can get swallowed up in it which is fun for lazy days when I want to be warm but still look cute.


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