Comfy Star Pattern Sweater!

The weather here isn't as cool as I'd like to it to be but I've already got the long sleeves out. They're too comfy and cute to keep in the closet! That means I try to stay in AC as much as possible to wear them, haha! But there are plenty of people getting cold weather. My sister just texted me last night that it was already snowing in her area!

A cute and warm piece you can wear and layer with in the cooler months is this knit sweater from SheInside!

It's one size but it has plenty of room and it stretches out because of the fabric. I recommend washing it before wearing it with some kind of softener because it's a bit stiff coming right out of the package. It also had a lot of loose strings that came with it. I would find red fuzzes or strings randomly. There were a few strings I had to cut as well.  There was also some red fuzz on the white stars too. When I washed it, it wasn't shedding as much but the fuzz was still on top of the red stars. It didn't look bad though.
Beside all that, I could live in this sweater. You can wear a simple outfit with this and the sweater will do all the work of making you look cute!

Hat: got it at a convention
Necklace: don't remember

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