Cotton Candy Pink Coat!

When I'm looking around for a new coat for winter I usually find lots of black, brown, navy, and the occasional red number. Typically, you don't find pastels or much ranging in different colors. Everything is mostly for practical use but I've found something that suits my sweet tastes!

Inside of the jacket is lined with this incredibly soft and warming faux fur.
I feel like I could melt in it from how soft and warm it is!

The only fault that I found in this coat is that it's missing one little button detail on the pocket, that you can see to the left of the picture below. It doesn't bother me too much. I can just put a few pins there to make it look like I made it more personal. The flaps don't actually button in place to close off anyways. You slip your hands right into the pockets. The flap and button is just detail.

There are two patches on this coat. I think the Death From Above patch looks odd but funny with the pink. It doesn't bother me but it may bother some others. Just got another patch to put over it! Maybe a donut or something, haha!

Over all, I'm happy with this piece! It's exactly what I need to ward off the cold while reflecting my interest of fashion and the color pink! Out of the package it's very wrinkly so it will need ironing.

Right now it's on sale for $44.40!
But if you don't fancy pink, check out these other colors!

 | Purple | Pink | Lime
Green | Red | Yellow | Blue

Here is how it looks worn!


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