Green Fur Hooded Long Sleeve Drawstring Coat from SheInside

One of my favorite winter pieces that I've never had until now is a dark green coat with a fur trimmed hood. My excitement for it hasn't dulled at all now that it's in my hands. I'm in love with this look!

This coat is on sale for $36.83. Original price is $52.62!

Before I show you my full outfit, let me tell you more about this coat!

The picture to the left is their stock picture while the picture to the right is my own picture of the coat that I received. You can tell right away from the fur trim on the hood that they're not the same item. I believe the coat they sent has a bit stiffer fabric as well. However, I'm not disappointed with the differences or that it's a knock off.

So let me tell you why I still like and want this coat and the details!

Though the fur trim on the hood is different, the color combination of the lights and darks are beautiful. I actually prefer it because it can suit different skin tones and hair colors. It makes me look sophisticated and I love that, clothes that can give off an air of elegance and grace.

There are two buttons at the bottom of the hood to close it up and it engulfs my head and face. My husband seems to think it's cute and enjoys kissing me through the fuzzy fur, haha!

The inside is lined with fleece except for the arms. Now forgive me because I have extremely small knowledge of the names of different fabrics. The arms has that soft and silky fabric that usually lines the inside of a dress so that it's more comfortable to wear. It's not silk but it's soft, hahaha. All I know is, it helps keep your long sleeves from rolling up since there's no friction when you put your arms inside the jacket, but it's still warm.

It's very wrinkly coming out of the package so I had to iron it. The cotton is somewhat stiff and thick but that's good for cold weather. The pockets are at a perfect position to put your hands into and you're able to close them with the little buttons. This jacket zips up and looks kind of funny and stiff in my opinion, so I prefer to keep it open or tied around my waist with the drawstrings.

This is the coat I'll be throwing on when I need to head out into the cold immediately. It looks good even with simple outfits and it's comfortable to wear. But for my first outfit with this coat, I decided to make it a little more dressed up!

Top: Goodwill
Thigh Highs:
Shoes:, I think.
Necklace: gifted


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