Pastel Checkers - outfit

I recently got my new two piece from Choies!
I couldn't help myself and I had to have it! The colors are so appealing and beautiful and since it's a two piece, I can make many different outfits with them!

It looks amazing in pictures, lovely to look at in person, and oh so very comfortable. The fabric is stretchy and breathable. The skirt should be a pretty good length even for tall people. The skirt has two layers and stays in place pretty well. I didn't have to worry about the wind too much but I would still wear shorts underneath it for extra windy weather.

Coming out of the package it's very wrinkly but I tried it on immediately, haha. It's not too bad and the creases don't bother me but wash it first. It's hand wash only but it's easy enough to do it and dries pretty fast.

It's available in XS, S, and M. I got the M because it's the largest size for bust which is 34" but my bust is 36". It's still pretty comfortable but if I were noticeably bigger, it may be a bit too snug. Everything else fits pretty nicely. Not snug or loose, just comfortable :]

Now to show you how it looks on me!

Two Piece: Choies
Cardigan: Forever 21
Headband: Aumore
Necklace: Icing


This two piece was on my Christmas List and I couldn't be happier with it :3
It matches my Donut Themed Christmas Tree which I made felt donut ornaments for and it looks so cute! I got a couple ugly burns from my hot glue gun but it was worth it, hahaha!

Take a look!

I still need to get a star. For now Keroppi is my tree topper x]

How ready are you for Christmas? :]


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