Last SheInside Review

 Hello, hello!

This is the last review I'll be doing for SheInside. They sent me this package before all the odd things happened. If you're unaware of what happened you can fill yourself in here and here.
It's been a good run with them but it's time for me to break ties!

On to the reviews! Apologies for the very low quality pictures.
The only time I was able to take them was when the sun was setting x[


The first item is unfortunately sold out :[
It's my favorite of all three too.

It's of thin and soft material and air goes through it pretty easily. It warms up quick with something over it or under it but it can get hot if the temperature or weather isn't meant for long sleeves. It's a beautiful light pink color. The best picture that represents how it looks like in the one above. The design in the middle is made of sequence and I didn't feel anything loose. I think it's sewn in well and it's not itchy on the inside. All in all, this was a terrific piece!


Second item is still in stock.

I'm actually not a coffee drinker! But when I do drink it I get shaky which is why I thought the caption on it was entertaining.

This is a casual style top and comfortable to wear. There's only one size and on me it's very baggy and almost long enough to be a dress but I still need to wear something underneath. The image in the center is not printed, it's completely a part of the fabric as well as the stripes. It's a soft material and slightly thick. The outside fabric is the same as the inside. I've got broad shoulders and I think this accentuates them because of the stripes. I don't mind it much though and it would give someone with small shoulders a stronger appearance.
Since my shoulders are one of my areas of insecurity, I can't say I'm completely in love with this item but by itself I'm very drawn to it.


Lastly is this skirt.

I didn't have a black maxi skirt before this so I wanted to get one to put in my wardrobe. It's a good piece to have that will always look classy and can be worn casually or for special occasions depending on how you style it.

When I got this item I was sadly lacking enthusiasm because the material is very thin. I wouldn't say it's worth nearly $30. If it was for $10 then I'd be somewhat okay with the price. I like the idea of the design but the material just brings the quality way down. The fabric is somewhat see through but since it laps over itself you can't see through two layers but I'd recommend wearing nude underwear and avoid white and bright colored underwear.
I'll still wear it but I would prefer it was made with better fabric. I feel like it would tear easy.


Okie doke, that's it!
I'm slowly but surely getting all my posts together that I need to finish before I go on my hiatus :]
Thank you to everyone who's been supportive of my decision!


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