Florals? For spring? Ground breaking.

But it's hard to resist! 

Whether you're into ever changing fashion trends, seasonal trends, or uniquely yourself, I feel like this two piece has more to offer!

Crop tops have integrated into mall stores and even Walmart! The trend is still going on strong so what can you do next that's a little different? Well, I'm absolutely in love with the cross over neckline top which is what makes it stand out. It's definitely flirty and it would look great with harnesses or lower necklaces like I've coordinated.


Color/Design - It's cream colored instead of white but in pictures it pics up very white on me. The other colors are very vibrant and lively. It's safe to messily eat avocado with this because the stain will blend in, LOL. I personally love this floral print. I'm kinda picky with florals and what colors they combine with the design. This one suits my taste very well.

Material - It's a stretchy and light material of 96% Rayon and 4% Spandex. Very comfortable!

Fit - I got a size M and it fits nicely. It helps that it's stretchy but since clothing sizes aren't tailored to each body, I feel like I would be more comfortable in a L for my top and S for my bottom.

Quality - It's something that looks and feels like it's mass produced but good enough quality for daily wear and tear if you're not too concerned about it. I'd say this can offer a long time of wear.

Price - For $24.99USD, I think it's a good and fair price for a two piece considering I can make so many outfits with them separately!

I thought coordinating it with a splash of yellow would look cute and happy!

Bows: Local Store
Two Piece: Amiclubwear.com
Necklace: Gift Shop
Cardigan: F21
Purse: Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes: GoJane.com


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