Shape Wear! For Aesthetics and Anxiety? Part 1

I've been looking into shape wear for a few months now and I was blessed enough to be contacted by Hourglass Angel just as I was returning to blogging!

They allowed me to pick out what I'd like to try and I naturally went for something pretty and pink ♡
Click the link above to take a look!

This is only Part 1 because Part 2 will be the results and my concluding opinions.
For now I'd like to share my initial impression of this item and why I wanted to try it.

First I'd like to discuss why I wanted a waist cincher.
Aesthetically, I've never been as curvy as I'd like so I wanted to try something out that may help influence that. Of course, my natural body build can only be changed so much so it's one of those it doesn't hurt to try kind of things. In the end if it doesn't work it's still something that can be used for a quick slim down for uncomfortable bloating days, special events, or for cosplay.

Now what about the anxiety part?
I find myself pacing and incapable of keeping still or clutching at my stomach and trying to squeeze myself in when I'm anxious. Squeezing your stomach muscles is one form of relaxation. However, when I'm trying to go to sleep and my anxiety is keeping me up, it's counteractive. I'm hoping that using a waist cincher will help do that for me and that I can go to bed easier. It's not a solution to get rid of anxiety, but it may help relieve some of it for my body's personal needs.

Okay, so let's take a look at this!

I'll let you know what everyone wants to know first!

It immediately took off about 2 inches off my waist. The description claims that it will sustain a loss of 1-4 inches for 30 days of use of 8-10 hours a day. Click here for more details on the product. When it comes to my stomach I'd consider myself of average size so it's taken off pretty much the amount I thought it would. By the end of the month, if I commit, I would like to believe that I'd lose 1 inch realistically. However, I do exercise pretty regularly. My eating habits right now are just to eat enough to feed my body while practicing moderation within a limited budget. Ultimately, the most important thing is to stay fed and survive! I'm also drinking a body cleanse tea from right now, which may or may not have an influence in this.

Putting it on is definitely going to be a challenge. You need a few concentrated minutes to get it done. It really squeezes you in and it can be uncomfortable because of that but it shouldn't be to the point of difficult breathing. I suggest wearing a bra or sports bra underneath so the ribs of the cincher doesn't poke into you. It's a bit long for me cause I'm short so when I sit, it either bends out below my waist or pokes into my boobs, haha. For me it's definitely not smooth all over when sitting and will be noticeable under tight clothing but fitted to baggy clothes that don't cling to shape will look fine.

The design seems to be for people with more curve than myself cause it's tighter up top than the bottom for me, but I'm sure the way it fits is different from person to person depending on their body build. Also, my body naturally carries more fat on my upper body and if you're like me I might suggest a vest instead of a cincher to smooth out your back. I don't like vests though cause they're uncomfortable for my shoulder muscles which tend to be tense.

As for how it looks, I think it's pretty but it's not as pink as I'd like. It has a strong hue of purple but I don't mind. It'll show through thin white clothing which I would suggest a neutral color. As for me, I plan using this at night when I sleep rather than in the day but I'm sure I'll switch it around. This design and color suits my closet pretty well which is also why I chose this design.

Anyways, that's it for Part 1.

If you're interested in any of the below:
- smaller waist
- curvier figure
- anxiety relief

Then check in again after a few more weeks to a month for Part 2!


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