Layering with Lace - Outfit - TrinityStyles Review

TrinityStyles has contacted me to do another review!
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What I will be reviewing is their Lace Layering Dress.

I love the idea of a layering dress. You can wear this with so many different things underneath. Shorts, skirts, pants, dresses, and it will give the outfit an entirely different look. This is how I decided to style it!


Color/Design - It's a pretty off white that's easy on the eyes. As a layering dress, it's not meant to be worn on it's own. It's an accessory like a vest. The lace is pretty and not typical.

Material - This fabric has no stretch but it's soft and comfortable. There's no itch on the lace which is awesome.

Fit - This dress only comes in one size at 100cm in length and 92cm wide. The fabric has no stretch so you have to make sure you're able to fit it. Both my bust and hips are around the same size so it fits me just perfect but I'm sure the style is supposed to be somewhat lose. The straps aren't adjustable so they were falling off me for being too long.

Quality - It's sewn together nicely and I didn't see any holes or possible areas where it would come undone.

Price - As a person that works within a small budget, I would see this piece worthwhile if it was suited to my style and I had plenty of pieces in my closet to incorporate it with.

To the left, I have the dress bunched up. To the right, is it completely straight.

Belt: Goodwill
Necklace: Bealls Outlet
Hair Clip: eBay


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