Look Of The Day #1 - Makeup + Hair Tutorial

I'm going to try to do a new section on my blog called Look Of The Day!
It will include a makeup tutorial and a hair tutorial. They're likely going to be simple so they will be easy to do and can be worn daily with little effort! I'll also put down specific items that I used such as falsies, makeup, circle lenses, etc.

As my first look, I decided to do my usual makeup and a quick and easy hair style.
Combined, this is a great look when you're on the run and even dates!

This hair style was inspired by The New Braiding Handbook! The other half of my hair that I didn't show in my tutorial is from that book. I was offered to review this book and share it all with you but I haven't received my physical copy yet but they send me a pdf of it to go ahead and try some styles out. I'm not very good at braiding so this may take awhile to perfect but I'm pretty excited about being able to do more than a standard braid :]

The other things I used for these tutorials:

Siren Lashes by House of Lashes, EOS Ice Brown (click for my review), BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette 

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