Kohl's Summer Value Challenge!

Thus far this is the most surprising sponsor I've had!
Someone working with Kohl's got in contact with me to shop with a $100 Kohl's gift card!
In return, I'm here to share with all of you the great savings, deals, and items that I got there :]

(Ahhh! T -T'' Sorry for the embarrassingly low quality picture but it was getting dark and I didn't want to block traffic but I wanted to get a picture, haha!)

So let me go ahead and share with you the receipt so you can see just how much I saved. I only had to pay $7.87 myself, but I saved $112.23! Even if I didn't have the $100 gift card to spend, you can see that the items are very affordable.

Instead of one full outfit, I decided to buy enough items to create two outfits with some of my own stuff. I wanted to showcase the variety, how to dress in different styles, why these items are good for the long run, and how it's all very worth the price.

I would have bought some shoes but, as in most shoe sections in department stores, it's a bit hit and miss since you never know what will be there. Finding a shoe you like that's in your size and price range doesn't always work out, but I'll elaborate on that a little later.

If you've followed me for a long time, by now you know I pick out items I can wear a multitude of times that will last me. As well as items that I can wear for different types of fashion, for layering, and for comfort.

Here is outfit one:

This is an outfit I created for comfort, simplicity, and a hint of class.
It can easily translate from a day outfit to a night outfit. From conserved to flirty.

This is my new FAVORITE jacket. I've worn it every day since I got it. It's one of those that you never want to take off and even though you probably should wash it you still say to yourself, "Nah, it's okay." LOL. It's THAT good to me. It's incredibly comfortable and I can trust it to stay in good shape because the original price was $60! But luckily, it was marked down to $24 :D Definitely worth the price.

The skater dress is plain and it looks unshapely on the hanger, but I always recommend trying something on before passing it by because then you find beauties like this! The simplicity allows you to concentrate on the shape when worn. Skater dresses flatter many figures. They still had plenty of this dress when I picked it up, so maybe they might still have it in your local Kohl's! It was $30 but marked down to $17.99! Because this dress is plain it can be coordinated with different accessories or garments to suit your style. For example, if you like 50s fashion, you can wear a buttoned up cardigan on top with cat eye glasses or if you like creepy cute fashion, you can striped stockings, creepers, and a skeleton jacket.

Then lastly, the necklace. This is an old necklace. It was originally $12 but marked down to $3.60 and it was crazy tangled! I probably stood there for five minutes untangling it because I wanted it that bad, haha! You may not find this specifically but you'll find many different accessories to match your outfits at reasonable prices :] If I wasn't so set on getting the two outfits, I would have gotten more interesting jewelry! They seriously have a bunch that I'd want to spoil myself on!

Onto outfit two!

This one is more colorful, casual, and fun! I was inspired by the idea of an 80s-90s Barbie. This outfit is good for summer weather, hanging out, and good for all day wear.

I have an emotional attachment to this shirt. I found it in the sales area and I'm glad that there was still one in my size that was left. I grew up in the 90s and MTV was a big deal to me. Not all the shows but when they played music and there's just a certain nostalgic feel about it that makes me happy. Anyways! This was originally $24 but I happily got it for $7.20 and I'm gonna see this shirt to the end of it's days. Even as it fades it will still look good. I can wear it out and at home.

The skirt immediately drew me in because of it's pattern and colors. I was surprised to find it to be honest. This item specifically convinced me of the variety Kohl's offers. To some it may just look like another skirt but to me it inspires creativity, thus why the Barbie theme. I look forward to creating more outfits with it in the future!

Then to tie it all off together, I found this amazing tie dye bag! It was $60 but it was marked down to $29.99! I've been in search for a new bag that will carry everything I prefer to lug around with me and this is the perfect size. There were other bags that intrigued me but this was less typical, suits the pastel section of my closet, and it had plenty of space. Here's a picture for reference!

And there you have it, two different outfits at affordable prices!
The extra item I got was a pair of shorts because they were comfortable, haha.

Had I concentrated on one or the other, I would have been able to buy shoes and more accessories at or under $100 in total. Like I mentioned earlier, you kind of have to have a good day in the shoe section in most places. It's like finding a bra that you like in your proper size which can be a pain. It doesn't necessarily mean there's a lack of nice bras. It just depends if what you like is there!

The shoe selection was nice though and the sales were good considering the original price. Shoes ought to be one of those purchases that require a little more money since they're gonna take a beating! I'd say a lot of the sales were between $25-$80, whereas original prices were around $40-$150, I think. I didn't spend too much time looking at prices because there wasn't many I was personally interested in for the specific outfits I had planned out.

Thankfully because I spent $100 at Kohl's, for every $50 purchase, you earn $10 back in Kohl's cash. So I have $20 to go back with to see if there's a pair of shoes I like next time!

As for the rest of the women's clothing sections, there's one for misses and juniors. I shopped in both and they cater fairly to a wide age range. As well from business to casual. They have some clothes that follow current trends too.

All in all my experience at Kohl's was good. That was the first time actually shopping there cause I never knew they had such good deals! Since I got the gift card for clothes I didn't venture into other sections like for the kitchen and bedroom, but I'm definitely going back to check those areas out. There's a men's section too and I could see myself getting some things there for my husband.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I want to thank Kohl's for allowing me the opportunity to shop at one of their stores!


FOUR Glossybox Reviews!!

Hello, everyone!

Today I'm going to catch all of you up with the boxes that GlossyBox has sent me even while I was on my break. I didn't think they would have kept me on since I informed them of what was going on but I'm super grateful that I was still able to receive these fun boxes while I was gone!

A quick run down for those who are unfamiliar.
GlossyBox is a beauty box company that sends monthly boxes filled with five travel sized items that range from hair, nails, skin, makeup, and on special occasions, jewelry! You can subscribe to them for one month, three months, six months, or a full year. Sometimes these travel sized items are the actual full size too. They send out different boxes for each country, so check out if you can subscribe!

My history with GlossyBox has been an absolute delight and I'm not exaggerating! If you like getting packages in the mail, trying new things, and good prices, then I highly recommend subscribing to them. I do have to say some months it's hit and miss depending on your personal interests but that's one of the things I love about them too, that they try to expose us to many different kind of products and brands. They turned me into a Tarte makeup fan from the all the ones they had sent in the past!

If you want to get a good feel of what they send, go through my Glossybox tag on this blog, but today I'll be sharing the past four boxes they sent and you'll get to see just within this post how varied they are!


Typically there's a card that shows what the items are with a description but I misplaced it so I don't have a picture to share and this box was sent months ago so I don't have a couple of the items anymore.

From what I can see in the pictures I do have, this box contains a bottle of Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturizing Spray, a Beauty Blender Sponge and sample size of the cleanser, a Bellapierre blush, a Balance body wash, and a sample of Vichy's Aqualia Thermal moisturizer.

The items I no longer have are the texturizing spray, blush, and body wash. I don't like using texturizing spray since it's not a style I like for myself. The blush was very shimmery and it blended into my skin nicely but it didn't suit my taste. Then the body wash, I used some of it but it's not something I would purchase for myself.

Yeah, I know the start of this doesn't seem great, HOWEVER, this box was completely made up by the last two items. I have combination skin and I'm either too oily or too dry from one product. I remember loving that moisturizer, especially for my dry skin.

Then my favorite item of all, that I still use to this day, the Beauty Blender. It's BEAUTIFUL. It's more maintenance than a regular foundation brush or using your fingers for application but it's worth the result. It's seamless and it doesn't feel heavy. It looks so natural and it's pleasant to use. It's officially a must have!


This box was generally good all around.

The Anatomicals You Need A Blooming Shower! body wash smells just like roses without any chemical scents mixed in with it. It's clean and fresh, but it's not moisturizing. It's purpose is scent and cleanliness only so I used it as a hand wash instead. My husband even loves it! We're going to buy again, especially since it's so cheap and lasts so long!

The Michael Todd True Organics Pumpkin Mask looked like pumpkin cream and pumpkin pulp! Smelled like it too! Sadly, I couldn't use it. It irritated my skin. The last time I had a reaction from a face mask was food related as well, strawberries. Do a small test on your face before you try out face products! But since it didn't work on me, I tried it on my husband and the results were pleasant since it didn't give him a reaction :] I noticed his skin was clearer and fresher.

The Nails Inc Victoria Polish, OMG. LOVE. It's sooooo beautiful! I would even say the picture doesn't do it enough justice. It looks like pretty red wine and you can layer the polish for more depth. I'm a huge fan of Nails Inc now because of the different polishes GlossyBox has sent!

The NaoBay Oxygenating Cream Moisturizer left me satisfied. I wouldn't say I was exceptionally impressed or thrilled to use it but it had all the basics I needed and wanted for a moisturizer considering my combination skin. I suppose what didn't do it for me was that it didn't feel or smell refreshing. It didn't smell bad nor did it feel gross on the skin, it just didn't have that quality for me. All in all, I would use it again though, but it wouldn't be my first choice.

Lastly, the Wink Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancer. I do believe it helped improve the appearance of my eyebrows. I felt like they were fuller and healthier looking. I didn't use them on my lashes though since I use glasses mostly and my lashes touch the lens. I'm sure they would of had similar results. I wouldn't expect a miracle though. It was a very small difference but I suppose that could vary from person to person!


This one is another hit and miss box but I commend it for it's variety and quality!

The Alex and Ani Scent 7 Body Mist smells very earthy and I would consider it a unisex fragrance from what's typically advertised as female scents and male scents. I could imagine this on anyone, but as usual, it comes down to preference. I wouldn't use it myself since I prefer flowery and melon scents.

The Alternia Haircare Bamboo Volume Pluming Strand Expand definitely does it's job! If you have problems with thin hair don't miss out on this one. When I used it, it expanded my hair and made it look thicker and voluminous. My only issue is that my hair felt texturized. If you don't mind that, then please give this a try!

The Etre Belle Cosmetics Liplift Peel is my favorite item in this entire box. It works and it works immediately. My lips are chapped half the time and I've basically given up on making them smooth so they can look rather unpolished. This peel is so gentle, it doesn't burn or sting, it doesn't taste bad if it gets in your mouth, and it's a quick fix. They sent the full size which is nearly $20 but it doesn't take much for it to work properly.

Another Nails Inc nail polish! This one is a tiny size this time but as usual, the quality is amazing. Goes on smoothly and evenly and the color is exact and charming. This one is Brook Street Nail Polish. It's a bright pinky coral color.

Then lastly, the Sisley Paris Black Rose Cream Mask. Sometimes I'm shocked that I'm able to try samples of these expensive products. The full size costs $158 and when I see products at that price I do have to wonder, is it really that good?!
From the uses I got out of this small bottle, I did enjoy using this product. I couldn't really tell what difference it made on my face but it did feel good and I do think it looked better. In a sense like how you take a drink of water when you're thirsty. It doesn't have immediate results and it doesn't always do the job but it's refreshing and you know it's good for you.
It's a straight up cream and it felt and smelled lovely. Purely for the price, I wouldn't buy it but if it was more available to me I'd definitely buy it. It's relaxing and I love that.

Now, you might have noticed there's six items instead of the usual five. Occasionally, GlossyBox will throw in a special sixth item! This time it's the bracelet from Alex and Ani. It seriously feels like getting gifts every month when Glossybox!


This is the most recent GlossyBox!
I feel like this box is for very specific tastes though.

The Aqua Spa Relax Body Creme wasn't up to my expectations. I'm super, super, super picky about lotions. This creme takes more product to feel moisturized and I'm not a huge fan of the scent. It does resemble spa products though.

The BellaPierre Super Gloss in Vanilla Pink is a gloss that doesn't feel too heavy or messy. It's quite moisturizing but the color doesn't suit my skin tone. Perhaps if I had another color I may have liked it more.

The Caldrea Body Wash is green tea scented and it's lovely. Not too heavy and it's like the leaf tea, no hint of sweetness. Just pure. It cleans well and leaves a light fragrance.

The Ciate London Paint Pot that I received is in an orange color called Skinny Dip. It's the shimmer kind and the consistency is good. I think I'll use it as my next color!

The Lasplash Cosmetics Eyeshadow Sealer/Base is the first eyeshadow base I've ever used so I'm not sure how to compare to others. With my experience, it felt sticky after letting it sit for a bit but when I applied the eyeshadow it definitely stuck on. I'd never seen color so thick and full before. So it works but it felt odd to me. It felt somewhat stiff so I don't prefer using it. Maybe for events when I know there's little room for makeup touches. It held real nicely!


And that's all of it! As you can see, there are never any repeat products. They're always new and they introduce you to a wide variety of brands. They're almost never the same but they do have some favorite companies it seems. I've gotten three products from Tarte and Nails Inc in all the time I've been with Glossybox. And there are some incredible items that are now a part of my must-repurchase lists.

Even if you don't subscribe to Glossybox, I'd recommend checking their site every month to see if they have a box that's worth your interest. Each box is $21 and sometimes the products all together can reach up to $100 and more! It's a great deal!


Look Of The Day 4 - Makeup + Hair Tutorial

I use a spray bottle to lightly spray my extensions and then set them in non-heat curlers to dry in shape. The bigger the curlers, the more loose the curls will be and will drop quicker. The smaller the curlers the tighter the curls will be and will become frizzy if brushed out.

Falsies: Siren by House of Lashes
Lipstick: Maybelline Fuchsia Flash
Curlers: From Walmart

False Eyelash Ice Cream Collection by Say Oh My!

I was given the privilege of trying out Say Oh My's new Ice Cream Collection!

These look like they may cost a pretty piece for falsies but this collection is SUPER affordable. Ranging between $1.99USD-$4.99USD. That can leave the product to be questionable but I've tried them out myself to let you know that these lashes will be a great addition to lash lovers ♡

Here are all five lashes on my own eyes. Eye shapes will slightly alter the appearance of the lashes. For example, I didn't need to cut the length of the lashes because they fit my eyes and eye shape just fine. For others they may need to trim the end to look more flattering. Also, my eyelids don't lift up the lashes that much so the lashes on the left aren't as visible on me since they're shorter and less voluminous.

Brain Freeze
This one is the most natural of the lashes and one of my favorites. They're very delicate and serve those that like minimal impact but a design that isn't ordinary.

Cherry On Top
I've never seen such fabulous lashes in my life! I never dared pick something up similar to this because I thought it would of been too big and dramatic. Turns out they are big and dramatic but sooo beautiful! They would be good for heavy makeup looks and costuming or for those that love daring looks.

I've seen lash designs like this quite a bit before so it's not new to me but that must mean they're classic! They're very bold because of the thickness but since they're short they won't look nearly as dramatic on than they do in the little display.

Ice, Ice Baby
Unique is the first word that comes to mind with these lashes. I've seen so many and they're all starting to be replicated and I can't tell one brand from another now, but I've never seen these before. They are dramatic but soft. They remind me of fairies in the night. Of all the lashes, these seem to be the most popular and there's good reason why! Definitely expect to see these in tutorials ♡

I believe this one is one of the more common designs as well but I've seen it used quite a lot in various styles from everyday looks to night looks, as well as in different fashion styles.

Aside the lashes, I'm in love with the adorable package design. The back especially!

Another reason why I love Say Oh My is that the people are positive and lovely. I've been following them on Instagram since they began! Follow them here.

I hope you liked this review and that you grab some lashes for yourself!


Music Box Heart

Posted another video on YouTube!
This time it's of my original, Music Box Heart ♡
Please take a listen!

I'm going to try and post another video soon. A cover and original.
I'm thinking of doing Running by No Doubt and redoing As The World Falls Down from The Labyrinth :3


Look Of The Day #3 - Makeup + Hair Tutorial

Here is my first hair tutorial for short hair! It's inspired by the character Kofuku, the God of Poverty, from Noragami.
I decided to part my hair on the other side since it's my preference.

Falsies: The Lucille
Circle Lens: Barbie Gossip Violet
For my curls I used a 1-14" barrel.


Shape Wear! For Aesthetics and Anxiety? Part 2

Hello, everyone!

Here is part 2 of my review of the The Brocade Style Waist Cincher by Squeem from Hourglass Angel.

Before I begin, here's an excerpt from the last review:

First I'd like to discuss why I wanted a waist cincher.
Aesthetically, I've never been as curvy as I'd like so I wanted to try something out that may help influence that. Of course, my natural body build can only be changed so much so it's one of those it doesn't hurt to try kind of things. In the end if it doesn't work it's still something that can be used for a quick slim down for uncomfortable bloating days, special events, or for cosplay.

Now what about the anxiety part?
I find myself pacing and incapable of keeping still or clutching at my stomach and trying to squeeze myself in when I'm anxious. Squeezing your stomach muscles is one form of relaxation. However, when I'm trying to go to sleep and my anxiety is keeping me up, it's counteractive. I'm hoping that using a waist cincher will help do that for me and that I can go to bed easier. It's not a solution to get rid of anxiety, but it may help relieve some of it for my body's personal needs.


In the end, the product itself doesn't suit my needs. It would be good for a quick fix for a day but in the long run I wasn't able to keep up wearing it for 8-10 hours a day for a month as it had instructed to lose 1-4 inches off the waist. The first couple days were alright but as I wore it off and on in the following weeks I believe it started stretching out more because it wasn't as stiff as the first day. That or my waist was getting smaller but I've also been exercising more and eating better as of late. Whether it helped or not, I wouldn't make this a part of my lifestyle.

My biggest problem I had with this product was how uncomfortable it was. It had nothing to do with it squeezing me in, rather how it would bunch up and leave awful marks on me. I actually bruised in one area once!

So all in all, it's good for a quick fix for a day but I wouldn't recommend wearing it for so long. The material, to me, is still pretty good though and I love the design. It's just not for long term wear.

As for the anxiety part, I have noticed it helps. One night when I had an exceptionally difficult time settling down, I put it on and curled up and was able to calm down and go to sleep because of the pressure. I later woke up to take it off. That might just be me though.

So even though I didn't like the product as much as I wanted to, there are plenty of different brands and types of shape wear on Hourglass Angel. They have legitimate corsets there and shape wear that caters to different parts of the body.


It's too bad it didn't completely work out the way I wanted it to but that's okay.
I'm glad I had the chance to try it out :]