False Eyelash Ice Cream Collection by Say Oh My!

I was given the privilege of trying out Say Oh My's new Ice Cream Collection!

These look like they may cost a pretty piece for falsies but this collection is SUPER affordable. Ranging between $1.99USD-$4.99USD. That can leave the product to be questionable but I've tried them out myself to let you know that these lashes will be a great addition to lash lovers ♡

Here are all five lashes on my own eyes. Eye shapes will slightly alter the appearance of the lashes. For example, I didn't need to cut the length of the lashes because they fit my eyes and eye shape just fine. For others they may need to trim the end to look more flattering. Also, my eyelids don't lift up the lashes that much so the lashes on the left aren't as visible on me since they're shorter and less voluminous.

Brain Freeze
This one is the most natural of the lashes and one of my favorites. They're very delicate and serve those that like minimal impact but a design that isn't ordinary.

Cherry On Top
I've never seen such fabulous lashes in my life! I never dared pick something up similar to this because I thought it would of been too big and dramatic. Turns out they are big and dramatic but sooo beautiful! They would be good for heavy makeup looks and costuming or for those that love daring looks.

I've seen lash designs like this quite a bit before so it's not new to me but that must mean they're classic! They're very bold because of the thickness but since they're short they won't look nearly as dramatic on than they do in the little display.

Ice, Ice Baby
Unique is the first word that comes to mind with these lashes. I've seen so many and they're all starting to be replicated and I can't tell one brand from another now, but I've never seen these before. They are dramatic but soft. They remind me of fairies in the night. Of all the lashes, these seem to be the most popular and there's good reason why! Definitely expect to see these in tutorials ♡

I believe this one is one of the more common designs as well but I've seen it used quite a lot in various styles from everyday looks to night looks, as well as in different fashion styles.

Aside the lashes, I'm in love with the adorable package design. The back especially!

Another reason why I love Say Oh My is that the people are positive and lovely. I've been following them on Instagram since they began! Follow them here.

I hope you liked this review and that you grab some lashes for yourself!


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