Kohl's Summer Value Challenge!

Thus far this is the most surprising sponsor I've had!
Someone working with Kohl's got in contact with me to shop with a $100 Kohl's gift card!
In return, I'm here to share with all of you the great savings, deals, and items that I got there :]

(Ahhh! T -T'' Sorry for the embarrassingly low quality picture but it was getting dark and I didn't want to block traffic but I wanted to get a picture, haha!)

So let me go ahead and share with you the receipt so you can see just how much I saved. I only had to pay $7.87 myself, but I saved $112.23! Even if I didn't have the $100 gift card to spend, you can see that the items are very affordable.

Instead of one full outfit, I decided to buy enough items to create two outfits with some of my own stuff. I wanted to showcase the variety, how to dress in different styles, why these items are good for the long run, and how it's all very worth the price.

I would have bought some shoes but, as in most shoe sections in department stores, it's a bit hit and miss since you never know what will be there. Finding a shoe you like that's in your size and price range doesn't always work out, but I'll elaborate on that a little later.

If you've followed me for a long time, by now you know I pick out items I can wear a multitude of times that will last me. As well as items that I can wear for different types of fashion, for layering, and for comfort.

Here is outfit one:

This is an outfit I created for comfort, simplicity, and a hint of class.
It can easily translate from a day outfit to a night outfit. From conserved to flirty.

This is my new FAVORITE jacket. I've worn it every day since I got it. It's one of those that you never want to take off and even though you probably should wash it you still say to yourself, "Nah, it's okay." LOL. It's THAT good to me. It's incredibly comfortable and I can trust it to stay in good shape because the original price was $60! But luckily, it was marked down to $24 :D Definitely worth the price.

The skater dress is plain and it looks unshapely on the hanger, but I always recommend trying something on before passing it by because then you find beauties like this! The simplicity allows you to concentrate on the shape when worn. Skater dresses flatter many figures. They still had plenty of this dress when I picked it up, so maybe they might still have it in your local Kohl's! It was $30 but marked down to $17.99! Because this dress is plain it can be coordinated with different accessories or garments to suit your style. For example, if you like 50s fashion, you can wear a buttoned up cardigan on top with cat eye glasses or if you like creepy cute fashion, you can striped stockings, creepers, and a skeleton jacket.

Then lastly, the necklace. This is an old necklace. It was originally $12 but marked down to $3.60 and it was crazy tangled! I probably stood there for five minutes untangling it because I wanted it that bad, haha! You may not find this specifically but you'll find many different accessories to match your outfits at reasonable prices :] If I wasn't so set on getting the two outfits, I would have gotten more interesting jewelry! They seriously have a bunch that I'd want to spoil myself on!

Onto outfit two!

This one is more colorful, casual, and fun! I was inspired by the idea of an 80s-90s Barbie. This outfit is good for summer weather, hanging out, and good for all day wear.

I have an emotional attachment to this shirt. I found it in the sales area and I'm glad that there was still one in my size that was left. I grew up in the 90s and MTV was a big deal to me. Not all the shows but when they played music and there's just a certain nostalgic feel about it that makes me happy. Anyways! This was originally $24 but I happily got it for $7.20 and I'm gonna see this shirt to the end of it's days. Even as it fades it will still look good. I can wear it out and at home.

The skirt immediately drew me in because of it's pattern and colors. I was surprised to find it to be honest. This item specifically convinced me of the variety Kohl's offers. To some it may just look like another skirt but to me it inspires creativity, thus why the Barbie theme. I look forward to creating more outfits with it in the future!

Then to tie it all off together, I found this amazing tie dye bag! It was $60 but it was marked down to $29.99! I've been in search for a new bag that will carry everything I prefer to lug around with me and this is the perfect size. There were other bags that intrigued me but this was less typical, suits the pastel section of my closet, and it had plenty of space. Here's a picture for reference!

And there you have it, two different outfits at affordable prices!
The extra item I got was a pair of shorts because they were comfortable, haha.

Had I concentrated on one or the other, I would have been able to buy shoes and more accessories at or under $100 in total. Like I mentioned earlier, you kind of have to have a good day in the shoe section in most places. It's like finding a bra that you like in your proper size which can be a pain. It doesn't necessarily mean there's a lack of nice bras. It just depends if what you like is there!

The shoe selection was nice though and the sales were good considering the original price. Shoes ought to be one of those purchases that require a little more money since they're gonna take a beating! I'd say a lot of the sales were between $25-$80, whereas original prices were around $40-$150, I think. I didn't spend too much time looking at prices because there wasn't many I was personally interested in for the specific outfits I had planned out.

Thankfully because I spent $100 at Kohl's, for every $50 purchase, you earn $10 back in Kohl's cash. So I have $20 to go back with to see if there's a pair of shoes I like next time!

As for the rest of the women's clothing sections, there's one for misses and juniors. I shopped in both and they cater fairly to a wide age range. As well from business to casual. They have some clothes that follow current trends too.

All in all my experience at Kohl's was good. That was the first time actually shopping there cause I never knew they had such good deals! Since I got the gift card for clothes I didn't venture into other sections like for the kitchen and bedroom, but I'm definitely going back to check those areas out. There's a men's section too and I could see myself getting some things there for my husband.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I want to thank Kohl's for allowing me the opportunity to shop at one of their stores!


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