Shape Wear! For Aesthetics and Anxiety? Part 2

Hello, everyone!

Here is part 2 of my review of the The Brocade Style Waist Cincher by Squeem from Hourglass Angel.

Before I begin, here's an excerpt from the last review:

First I'd like to discuss why I wanted a waist cincher.
Aesthetically, I've never been as curvy as I'd like so I wanted to try something out that may help influence that. Of course, my natural body build can only be changed so much so it's one of those it doesn't hurt to try kind of things. In the end if it doesn't work it's still something that can be used for a quick slim down for uncomfortable bloating days, special events, or for cosplay.

Now what about the anxiety part?
I find myself pacing and incapable of keeping still or clutching at my stomach and trying to squeeze myself in when I'm anxious. Squeezing your stomach muscles is one form of relaxation. However, when I'm trying to go to sleep and my anxiety is keeping me up, it's counteractive. I'm hoping that using a waist cincher will help do that for me and that I can go to bed easier. It's not a solution to get rid of anxiety, but it may help relieve some of it for my body's personal needs.


In the end, the product itself doesn't suit my needs. It would be good for a quick fix for a day but in the long run I wasn't able to keep up wearing it for 8-10 hours a day for a month as it had instructed to lose 1-4 inches off the waist. The first couple days were alright but as I wore it off and on in the following weeks I believe it started stretching out more because it wasn't as stiff as the first day. That or my waist was getting smaller but I've also been exercising more and eating better as of late. Whether it helped or not, I wouldn't make this a part of my lifestyle.

My biggest problem I had with this product was how uncomfortable it was. It had nothing to do with it squeezing me in, rather how it would bunch up and leave awful marks on me. I actually bruised in one area once!

So all in all, it's good for a quick fix for a day but I wouldn't recommend wearing it for so long. The material, to me, is still pretty good though and I love the design. It's just not for long term wear.

As for the anxiety part, I have noticed it helps. One night when I had an exceptionally difficult time settling down, I put it on and curled up and was able to calm down and go to sleep because of the pressure. I later woke up to take it off. That might just be me though.

So even though I didn't like the product as much as I wanted to, there are plenty of different brands and types of shape wear on Hourglass Angel. They have legitimate corsets there and shape wear that caters to different parts of the body.


It's too bad it didn't completely work out the way I wanted it to but that's okay.
I'm glad I had the chance to try it out :]


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