Four New Dresses for the Summer from!

Hello, everyone!

It's time to break out those bright colors while the sun is out!
I've got four beautiful dresses to share with you that sent me!
OuterInner is a fashion website that offers clothing, shoes, and accessories and even caters to wedding and special events attire! 

I had the opportunity to pick these dresses out myself and I've been communicating with the people from OuterInner for awhile now as I'm their first to review items sent to me from their site! From my experience they're very patient and understanding and willing to expand for the comfort of their customers. I know this because there were a couple bumps during the process that were smoothed out efficiently and they took my word, which is important as a consumer.

The two things that I addressed was properly measuring the clothing since their chart doesn't cover the little differences each piece can offer. Different brands mean different measurements, so now they've begun measuring each garment to make shopping online easier! :] I'm not sure if they've done it for everything but as far as I know, they're working on it!

The second thing was taking pictures of the products in neutral lighting because one of the dresses didn't seem like the right color. Just looking at the links of these dresses they haven't added those pictures and I'm not sure if they will but I hope it's something they'll do in the future. It's hard work running an online store but I'm sure it will be something more people will be grateful for.

Besides the good communication, the shipping was fast! I'm not sure if it's because they sent them to be reviewed so they picked faster shipping but either way it came safely in one piece and all the dresses were correct.

Now on to the individual reviews!


Click the link above to purchase this dress.
Originally $63, on sale right now for $34.65!

Maxi dresses! They're beautiful and add an element of class whether you're lounging about, going on a date, or going to a buffet and need a little extra room in your clothes! (Gotta think about comfort, LOL.)
This is a one size dress but offers a lot of room. Click the link above the pictures for the measurements.

What attracted me to this dress was how bright and colorful it was. It makes me feel like a flower and it's definitely a statement to wear. I think it's a different print from the model on the website since the flowers look much larger. That or it's the kind of print that varies. The flowers are red and not pink but in pictures they may look hot pink.

It's put together nicely. There's no distinct front or back from what I can tell. The label is on the inner skirt. It says that the fabric will fade, it's polyester, so there's no stretch.


Click the link above to purchase this dress.
Originally $63, on sale right now for $34.65!

This is exactly like the dress above but in a different print. This is the dress that I mentioned above that didn't look like the right color. On the model it's much, much lighter and brighter. Turns out it was the lighting. I decided to lighten it up drastically in an editing app and it looked exact. Just like the dress above too, the print seems larger than on the model.

After I figured out that it wasn't the wrong dress, I started to get a feel for the dress as is instead of my expectations. Even though the colors aren't what I was hoping for, I do enjoy the warmth of the combination. It's still very pretty. But I did think it was the wrong dress at first so I hope to see real life pictures of the products in the future on their website.


Click the link above to purchase this dress.
Originally $72, on sale right now for $39.60!

This one's an eye catcher! The way it flows is so beautiful. It's much better in action and in person than in photos. Though the color is exact and it's sure to make an impression. Think this dress would be great to wear for day and night. Fun for a day date but fancy enough for a dinner date too!

Personally, I think this dress is for people with petite upper bodies. This was the dress that had me concerned about measurements. The waist measurement is an inch smaller than the chart that they have on their website and for some of us one inch is enough for something not to fit. The straps aren't adjustable either so it's best for people with larger upper bodies to steer away from this one.

I got a size L. Here are the measurements for my dress: straps are 8", measured flat from armpit 18", measured flat from waist 14". At first I thought it was too small cause on the site a L is a 29" waist and I should of fit comfortably with some space to spare but that wasn't it at all when I tried it the first time so I thought it didn't fit instead of just working it up, haha.


Click the link above to purchase this dress.
Originally $39, on sale right now for $21.45!

I picked this dress for something casual to wear on a hot summer day without looking too dressed down and it's exactly what I was looking for! It's another one size dress and the fabric offers a lot of stretch. Very breathable and doesn't cling on. This one comes with straps but they're thin, white elastic bands. I don't think it suits the pattern so I just tuck them into the dress.

My only issues with this was that distinct factory smell that some clothing has and the white doesn't allow colorful underwear. It will show right through so nude is best to go with. Those aren't really bad issues, but I thought they were things I should let you know.


And that's all! Apologies for the lack of creativity and good lighting in these pictures. Haven't had much time with my husband to find a nice place to take outfit shots x[ Plus, it's HOT now, too hot for my patience, haha.

I hope this was a thorough review and that you check out!
They've got a 60% off sale going on right now so go see if anything catches your eye!


The New Braiding Handbook: 60 Modern Twists on The Classic Hairstyles

Hello, everyone!

It's summer time and it gets super hot. Too hot to dress nice or put makeup on and all you want to do with your hair is cut it off or put it up in a ponytail. Well, I still prefer to do as much as I can to look nice given the weather and I thought why not incorporate some braiding hairstyles for the summer?

Braiding your hair will keep your hair from heated appliances, keep it out of your face, and still look beautiful! So I'd love to share with you The New Braiding Handbook by Abby Smith!

This book will teach you how to create a variety of beautiful looks that will keep your hair in place from the wind and give you options to keep you cooler with up-do hairstyles.

Above are a couple of pages of looks that's provided in this book and below is one of the tutorials. As you can see, it displays a step by step guide with text and pictures. Certain styles will take more practice than others but there are some that are super easy and creative that I tried myself.

There are also styling tutorials in the beginning of the book that will teach you basics like hair care, hair types, and basic techniques such as beach waves and straightener curls. Including other sections for specifics styles like Dutch Braids, Pony Tails, and Formal, and more!

Now I do have short hair and wear extensions so I had to carefully choose styles that would conceal the wefts. With or without extensions, I have found styles that I could use for both lengths.

Below are three styles that I learned from this book that took me seconds to do. They were so easy and cute! I especially loved the waterfall braid. I always wanted to learn how to do that and it turns out that it's pretty easy! I still need some practice to get it all the way around my head nicely though x]

Rope Braid

Waterfall Braid

Milkmaid Braids

Knowing these new styles will give me more to incorporate with future looks. It's also great for on-the-go looks and hair that doesn't want to behave! As for the more complicated styles, I'd rather practice those on friends than on myself since I would have a better look at what I'm doing with my hands. And because I wear extensions that does make it a little more difficult by myself since I have to hide the wefts. Either way, it's a fun little skill to have for yourself and friends :]

Also, having this book handy will give me something to look through easily and pick out something for the day when I want something different but I'm too indecisive. It's good for a day to just sit around and try out different looks too. I truly believe in me time. Everyone should take time apart to take care of themselves and pampering is definitely something I recommend.

If you're interested in this book, it is available online for the Kindle and paperback!

Three New Pieces from! Including a BMO dress!!!

Hello, everyone!

I've got a few new clothes to show off to you :]
All of these items are from!

I had the chance to pick out these items. As usual, I like to pick some random things so please check out their site to look at what they sell because what I'm reviewing isn't the only kind of clothing they have. They've got quite a range :]

The first one I'll show you is already sold out :0 So let's get that one out of the way.


Color/Design - It's an off white that leans to ivory. It's not harsh on the eyes or looks bleached out. the design is uncommon from what I normally see in stores which is one of the things I like to look out for in clothing. It doesn't look exactly like the model picture but pretty close. It also came with a string. I prefer wearing it like an empire waist dress.

Material - It's made of thin material that's kind of see through. Wearing nude underwear is the best. There's no stretch to the fabric. It's comfortable all in all, including the crochet part.

Fit - It's One Size and it leaves a lot of room for me. At best it may fit a US L.

Quality - I think it will last and there doesn't seem to be any mistakes on it or holes or loose threads.

Price - For $26.99, I think it has to be for someone with specific taste. This comes from a person that likes to shop in clearance racks though, haha. For some $30 is not much, for me, it better be worth it, LOL.


Click the link to purchase!

Sorry, I was pretty lazy to style this one, haha!


Color/Design - It's light pink, so naturally I love the color. There are some funny designs on it. The guns, cupcakes, and the backwards word "kisses". Then the collar says Funny Guerilla. I tried looking up to see if that's a brand or has some kind of meaning but I couldn't find anything. It's pretty tossed up randomly it feels like but sometimes that can be appealing.

Material - I like that it's stretchy, but it feels like costume fabric. It takes some getting used to to feel comfortable on my skin. After awhile, it's fine, but it's not preferable. This would be terrific for layering though. The material is thin but strong and breathable.

Fit - It's One Size. It's pretty roomy and I'd say at best it's comfortable for a US L. There's no shape to it though so it's not suited for a fitted look. The arms are just a tad bit long for me, but I've got short arms.

Quality - I'm not exactly impressed. The edges are sewn kind of sloppily and I'm not a fan of the material, but I can tell it will take a lot of time and wear for it to start looking worn.

Price - For $27.99, I personally wouldn't buy it. This is also another item for someone with specific tastes. If this happens to suit your aesthetic and style, I'd definitely say go for it because it'll take a lot of wear. I thought I would like it more but I seem to have made an overnight style direction!


Click the link to purchase!

If you watch Adventure Time then you know who this is!


Color/Design - On the website, the stock picture is Black Milk's BMO dress, but the actual dress itself isn't as uniformed. If you look at the bottom half of the skirt, there are some pretty weird looking BMOs. I guess we'll just say they're family members :] I'm not too bothered by it. I still think the dress is pretty cute. The colors are exact and very bright.

Material - It's nice and stretchy, super light, and soft. I think I actually love the material more than anything else!

Fit - This one is also One Size but I think it suits a US S the best. It's comfortable for me, if anything just a weeeeee bit constricted on the top because of my bust, but it fits my waist comfortably which tends to be US S. The length is good for my height at 5' but for girls that are very tall, it will be a short dress.

Quality - Like I said, I think I love the material the most. I love the cut and the material. This is a good piece.

Price - My love for the character bumps up my interest for this item. So $27.99 is great to me. Black Milk is amazing and I have one of their $100 galaxy dresses, their quality is beyond comparison, but I can't always buy dresses that are expensive! So even though the print is a little strange, I still love it.


As I said in the review for the pink top, I seem to have had an overnight style inspiration change! These pieces are lovely and had I been more in tune with this look I probably would have been more hyped and styled them better with full body outfits. So apologies that they're not my best!

I'm currently in love with black and white clothing again, but with sophistication and maturity. Which is basically opposite of what I've reviewed today, hahaha! I hope you do take a look at their site though! They have items that suit what I'm currently interesting in but they also have more casual looks, evening looks, formal looks, swimwear, jewelry, and accessories.

They've got some sales going on so have fun shopping!