The New Braiding Handbook: 60 Modern Twists on The Classic Hairstyles

Hello, everyone!

It's summer time and it gets super hot. Too hot to dress nice or put makeup on and all you want to do with your hair is cut it off or put it up in a ponytail. Well, I still prefer to do as much as I can to look nice given the weather and I thought why not incorporate some braiding hairstyles for the summer?

Braiding your hair will keep your hair from heated appliances, keep it out of your face, and still look beautiful! So I'd love to share with you The New Braiding Handbook by Abby Smith!

This book will teach you how to create a variety of beautiful looks that will keep your hair in place from the wind and give you options to keep you cooler with up-do hairstyles.

Above are a couple of pages of looks that's provided in this book and below is one of the tutorials. As you can see, it displays a step by step guide with text and pictures. Certain styles will take more practice than others but there are some that are super easy and creative that I tried myself.

There are also styling tutorials in the beginning of the book that will teach you basics like hair care, hair types, and basic techniques such as beach waves and straightener curls. Including other sections for specifics styles like Dutch Braids, Pony Tails, and Formal, and more!

Now I do have short hair and wear extensions so I had to carefully choose styles that would conceal the wefts. With or without extensions, I have found styles that I could use for both lengths.

Below are three styles that I learned from this book that took me seconds to do. They were so easy and cute! I especially loved the waterfall braid. I always wanted to learn how to do that and it turns out that it's pretty easy! I still need some practice to get it all the way around my head nicely though x]

Rope Braid

Waterfall Braid

Milkmaid Braids

Knowing these new styles will give me more to incorporate with future looks. It's also great for on-the-go looks and hair that doesn't want to behave! As for the more complicated styles, I'd rather practice those on friends than on myself since I would have a better look at what I'm doing with my hands. And because I wear extensions that does make it a little more difficult by myself since I have to hide the wefts. Either way, it's a fun little skill to have for yourself and friends :]

Also, having this book handy will give me something to look through easily and pick out something for the day when I want something different but I'm too indecisive. It's good for a day to just sit around and try out different looks too. I truly believe in me time. Everyone should take time apart to take care of themselves and pampering is definitely something I recommend.

If you're interested in this book, it is available online for the Kindle and paperback!

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