GEOLICA Euro Lady Lime Green Circle Lens Review!

Check out my newest circle lenses from GeoColouredLenses!

This was the first time I've ordered from this website and I enjoy that their layout isn't cluttered and it's easy to navigate. The communication was great as well :] Other things that I liked about this lens store is that they have an Anti-Fake link at the bottom of their page where you can put in the anti-fake number to verify that their lenses real. It seems that they truly care about their customers as they've a Lens Guide section, too!

Here is further information about these lenses and GeoColouredLenses!
  1. GEO Medical is a safe Korean circle contact lens brand. It is the only USFDA (U S Food and Drug Administration) approved circle contact lens brand and has also gained ISO and CE (ConformitĂ© EuropĂ©enne) certification. There are currently many circle contact lens brands in the market and customers should always purchase their circle lenses carefully to avoid fake/unreliable brands. 
  2. All our products are genuine. Each lens vial comes with a sticker with a hidden unique serial code and customers will be able to verify its authenticity on GEO Anti-fake website
  3. offers FREE international shipping and a FREE lens case for each pair of circle contact lenses purchased.
  4. For instant offer updates, beauty news, and real life photos follow them on FacebookInstagramTumblr and Pinterest.

These particular lenses don't come in vials. They're in little plastic containers much like normal prescribed lenses. Along with them come instructions and a care guide on how to handle contact lenses, a contact lens case, and GeoColouredLenses' business card!


Color + Pattern
Hands down, these are my favorite natural green lenses. Up close AND far away, they're beautiful. Though they won't pass as real up close, you'd probably need to take a real good look to make sure they're not real! The color is a medium green. Visible even at a distance but not too bright.

The label says they're 14.2mm but that's hard to believe with the size difference. I wear 14.5mm clear contact lenses which look the same size as these. Though they definitely do appear more natural sized versus other lenses that are labeled 14.5mm for that dolly look.

I would expect monthly lenses to be soft, moisturized, and comfortable, and these meet up each expectation. I would recommend just from comfort alone!

Over All
I was in love the moment I tried them on! Obviously I'm on a green kick so that may have to do with some of my enthusiasm but you can clearly see in the pictures that they're beautiful. They're a perfect balance for me. Natural looking, not too big, very comfortable, and the color is visible without it being out of place.
I guess my only complaint is that they only last one month! I've been too spoiled with other circle lenses having a 1 year life span. I may not purchase these monthly but if it were for a special occasion, this would be on my list of must buys! I'm going to wear them as much as I can this month!

Purchase these lenses here!


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