OMIGHTY TOPS: Gem Stones, Unicorn Puke, Mermaid Shells + New Green Lenses!



I won their giveaway on their instagram, omweekend.
Be sure to follow them for future giveaways!

I'm positively IN LOVE with the Gem Stones tank the most!
I have a collection of minerals and have been interested in them since I was a child so this tank is more than just a prize to me. I hope to keep it in good shape for as long as I can!

These tanks are size S and they fit me well except the arm holes are a bit tight because of the way my body is built. I have no clue how the M would fit since these are the first items I've ever worn from Omighty. It's not too uncomfortable though. I couldn't find a size chart on their site so I had to guess.

The print fades very little when it's stretched and the fabric is light and soft. The tag says to hand wash cold in mild detergent and to dry flat. It also says bleach & u'll be fucked, LOL.

I've also got new GREEN circle lenses! Gotta have matching hair and eyes, haha.

I just got them so before I do a review I'm gonna wear them a few more times.
I can say, for sure, that they're one of my favorites out of all the circle lenses I've ever worn. Natural pattern, not too bright but noticeable, and they're comfortable. These are only wearable for 3 months.

The lashes I'm wearing here are Ice, Ice Baby from SayOhMy! They're only $4.99 :0 I cut these shorter to suit my eye shape :3 You can follow SayOhMy on instagram too to see more example of their lashes on other eye shapes :]

Lip color is Jelly Pong Pong's 2-in-1 Shadow/Liner in Plum and Chantecaille's Luminous Lip Gloss Framboise!


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