20" Ash Blonde 7pcs Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions Review from OuterInner.com

When I change my hair, hair extensions is a must for me. Otherwise it just doesn't feel complete!
Almost every time I have new extensions they've been from a different company.

This time they're from OuterInner.com!
They're the same business that sent me these beautiful dresses!

Now I have the chance to review another section of their site, which they actually provide a variety of fashionable products. From weddings, special events, to casual wear, accessories, and wigs and extensions! Seems like a pretty great stop to get an entire look for so many occasions :D

On top of a great outfit, I think great hair is a must. Whether it's short or long. For my preference, long hair makes the biggest impact not just on my looks but my confidence. I feel that it frames my face better and I can hair flip, hahaha!

The item that I'm reviewing is the.. 
20" Ash Blonde 7pcs Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions in the color #613E. Though on the site you'll see it as 16", but they have a drop down menu for 16", 18", 20", 22", and 24" as your options. Though the extensions I actually requested were 12pcs, not 7pcs. I completely forgot it was supposed to be 12 and I didn't get in contact with them. Based on my interactions with their representative they would have fixed the situation so please keep that in mind but this is still a review for the 20" 7 piece set!

Here's a quick rundown of the main points but further down among the pictures will be an elaboration of these points.

- even color (before hair dye) - soft - shiny - full length, 20" - double weft - takes color well - good price for length

- still thin after double weft - stubborn clips - had to resew one clip - feels like the hair will dry out fast -

- good for long and thin hair for average appearance of thickness
- good for medium length hair, average to thin, of the 16" option for length and a little thickness

- I won’t be able to review the longevity because I've combined them with older extensions for more thickness. The other extensions will influence the quality and longevity. Otherwise it was too thin for my hair to wear.
- All in all, not up to my personal standards. I like having very thick hair or at the very least matching the thickness I have right now. If anything they feel like beginner extensions. The kind you try out without being overwhelmed, but they can also be underwhelming.


When they arrived they came in a regular plastic package and folded in a long rectangular piece of cardboard. Opening it, they're held in by an elastic band. I tried to edit the picture to it's truest color but it may still vary depending on your monitor/phone settings. In person I would consider them bleach blonde more than ash but they do have less yellow tone than bleach blonde. Ash blonde to me has a slight gray undertone. At best it may be a very light ash blonde.

This is how they looked after I dyed them with Manic Panic's Electric Lizard and Raven. The extensions took the color well and I believe the coloring is likely uneven from my own application rather than the hair itself. It turned out beautifully! I did a slight ombre so my hair will still match if I retouch mine a bit dark and have it fade later.

Here I measured the length. The perspective may seem like I didn't put the measuring tape to the top but that's just all the clips stacked onto each other. It's a full 20", actually exceeding to 21". When I say full, I mean the ends aren't thin. There are some extensions that claim a certain length but the ends are so thin it's better to cut them off. I didn't have to in this case.

You can't really tell in the picture below, but they are double wefted. Which means there's two layers of sewn hair. Even then it's still pretty thin. The clips aren't the best quality. They're big, loud, and stubborn to clip on at times. I've read somewhere that with some hair clips you have to break them in by clipping and unclipping them, but not in your hair. And I'm only noticing now in this picture if you look at the left clip, not all of the prongs end with a little ball that typically protects the scalp.

And excuse my wet hair!

This is all 7 pieces in my hair. Once again, I completely forgot I was supposed to receive the 12 piece. Had I remembered I would have gotten in contact with them to fix the error. They've been nothing but kind to me so I fully expect them to have worked with me through it but since they're already colored and everything there's no returning it!

The packaging isn't exactly safe for return though. Other extensions that I've used usually came with a sample that you can open and observe for quality before opening the rest so just in case it's not what you want you can return it and the hair is untouched which is more hygienic.

You can see the difference between my hair and the extensions, not just by color, but by thickness and thinness. You can see the texture of my top through the extensions and you can tell my hair is somewhat thick. I wouldn't of been able to use these extensions had I not combined them with more hair. It would of been very obvious. However, I am happy that the hair is pretty consistent though. Even though it's not thick, it doesn't continue to thin towards the ends.

As much as I would have liked to try out the 12 piece, 7 pieces fit my head the best without worrying about the wefts showing through. So there's a plus side to that.

For further comparison of thickness and thinness, I quickly braided my hair and the extensions together. Of course adding any extra hair to your own will increase thickness but it would of been better for me to have gotten the 16" if I just wanted some thickness instead of length.

I think people with thin hair would benefit from this set the best. It's not too heavy and it offers just enough amount of hair for it to blend in and not look obvious. I wouldn't recommend it for brittle hair because of the stiff and stubborn clips, unless you buy your own clips to resew it all later.

So the pros and cons aren't exactly balanced, unless we're talking about my personal preferences. I can see some good out of these for thin hair as most extension companies are all about thick hair.

I think the price for this set is reasonable as well. For the 20" 7 piece, it's $89.94. I've had extensions close to that price that were thicker but they were shorter and dried out fast. As usual though, it's hard to experiment and try extensions online. It's a lot of hit and miss.

I don't know what to say about this one. I'm unsatisfied because I wanted thicker hair, but I'm happy with the length and it's price for what it offers. I guess it just depends on what you want and what you have!

And just to throw it in, this is what I did with the extensions! I combined them with darker green hair and trimmed them to suit the thickness and layered them for better styling :]

Had it been the 12 piece, I may have resewn it together to form 7 pieces so it would of been work for me either way. Still feeling blessed that I had the opportunity to review these extensions cause had I not I would of been stuck with my short hair! It would of drove me nuts!

So thank you, OuterInner for this opportunity and for the confidence boost!
Aside their wigs and extensions, they have beautiful clothing. There's always something new and some sort of sale or deal going on, so take a look around :3

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