Abaday Clothing Review!

Hello, everyone!

Today I have a review from Abaday.com, featuring two pieces that I personally chose myself!

When I first picked out these items, I assumed they would look exactly like the pictures on the site so I was disappointed when I received the actual pieces. Mostly just the playsuit.

This is the one that was sent to me. Compared to the picture on the site, it's blatant the difference of print. It's not as elegant or intricate. Though the fabric is soft and comfortable, the print looks cheap versus what I was expecting and the sleeves are supposed to be sheer. The cut was poor, as well. They tried, but it doesn't flow like it should. Just looking at the stock picture, I can tell there's more pleating for freer space around the hips but this basically hugs me. Especially my thighs! There were no measurements offered for hips and thighs which is super important for shopping online! Not all of us have slim thighs and hips.

This a slip-on, no zippers or buttons or openings except for the top. The waist has an elastic band but the thighs do not. It's sewn into that size only. I would of been okay with that had the bottoms more room.

I was extremely hesitant to put it on for pictures but they encouraged me to so here you guys go!
It's not flattering for my build or shape. I had to wear things and pose specifically for it to look decent but I wouldn't wear it casually because it just looks funny without constant help. Some people may think it looks just fine but I know how to dress my body which is why I wanted the piece in the picture. I would of been a lot more gracious about the one they sent if the bottom half was put together like in the stock picture.

The top is good. It's as expected, but fashion tape or something underneath is required to keep from being exposed. The sleeves, as I said, should have been sheer, but this fabric is completely solid.

It does say in the description for the sizes that a lot of customers suggest wearing a size larger. I got a size M for this but even if I went with a size L, the way the bottom is sewn wouldn't of changed. Yes, I may have had more room and length, but if it's just a bigger version of this, it will remain stiff because of the way it's put together.

This is the second piece which I find myself more forgiving. There are still differences such as the sleeves and neckline, and I can tell the cuts in the back are slightly different shapes. Little things that I don't mind. Though I'm not a fan of the neckline since it doesn't lay flat.

I chose this because I needed more tops. It's plain, which means I can wear it with many things, and the cuts in the back are good for Florida weather without exposing too much. As you can see in my pictures, the neckline doesn't lay flat and pinches in the middle at times. That's a sign of poor workmanship. If it was supposed to stick up, the fine detail such as the stitching would be more refined.

This one I decided to get an XL which is basically the same measurements for the playsuit which was a M so definitely take the time to look at the measurements before purchasing!

Even though I can pick out fine details really well, I'm typically not so critical because I'm usually satisfied since I have a mentality of make the best of what I have. I have little room to have a spoiled mentality, which is what I'm applying to the t-shirt, but I'm sure just as everyone else, no one likes to be given something that doesn't reach their expectations or requirements when you're given an idea of what you're supposed to receive. A.k.a., the playsuit. I must admit, I was very excited about that piece which makes my judgement harsher than usual.

Depending on your expectations and flexibility, while the first piece may have not been amazing and the second was alright, I'm sure the rest of the website offers a mixed bag. I do wish they had pictures of the actual product you're buying cause I don't want anyone else to feel let down!

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