Lazy Can Be Cute~ Update + Outfit

Hello, everyone!

Alongside this outfit I want to make this somewhat of an update post. As you can see, I've update the look of my blog! I wanted it to fit my new look and green hair ^^
It's also been awhile since I've posted one of my own outfits without reviewing an item from a sponsor.
Creating outfits and taking pictures of them is a lot more effort than you think and especially when you're as picky as I am! Life has still been all sorts of ups and downs and my husband, who takes all my outfit pictures, works quite a lot so we do what we can when we have the time, which is very little! x[

Still, there are plenty of posts that I will be doing soon that I can take pictures of myself!
The upcoming posts on April Fool Romance are the following:

I hope you're all excited for these posts! Especially the first two.
I still get lots of hair questions and my patience is starting to wear thin with the repetitive cycle, haha. Might as well make a huge detailed post about it! I don't know if I'll have pictures. I rarely take pictures when I do my hair, but we'll see if I can dig anything up.
And it's been two months before I did a Look Of The Day. I've been in a transitional period of style since the last time but I'm comfortable in my skin once again :] Just need to make something up! I had a request for a bang styling tutorial so I may do that :3

Anyways, onto the outfit!

This outfit was completely unplanned and lazy which is amazing because I wound up liking it so much. It's relaxed and it made me realize that my closet is starting to form well to where I can just pick random thing and it would look good together!

The top is a regular fitted V neck. The sleeves are tucked underneath my bra strap, haha. Gotta get a little tricky sometimes. I remember in high school when I used skirts as tops and vice versa, bringing them in with a belt. Remember, they're YOUR clothes. They're pieces of fabric and material that you can wear however your creative mind inspires you to!

These harem pants I've had for years now and continues to be one of my favorite pieces. I try to wear it sparingly so they don't wear out. I don't see them often and these are perfect. They're from Cotton On.

And the shoooeeessssss. As I expected, they go with everything I own and they look so nice! I bought them off of eBay. Just search up chunky white heel platforms. There are a tooooon of different styles. There's a kind for everyone!

Lastly, my accessories are a striped head wrap I found at a thrift store, a necklace from my husband's late grandmother, and the Oracle necklace my best friend bought for me from BloodMilk. I always forget to take pictures of details. I just do the outfit to get it over with, LOL.

The reason why we had time for this was because it was my husband's birthday yesterday!
To quote what I posted as a caption on IG of our picture, "Happy Birthday to my husband! I should go thank his parents for creating someone amazing. Though I think they may have summoned him from another better alternate dimension cause he's one of those "too good to be true" kind of people. He always amazes me! I love him to pieces!" and here's a long sappy post on my tumblr, haha.

Seriously though, it's thanks to him that I'm capable of being as accepting and kind and for always being supportive of however I look and dress. Without his loving patience I wouldn't be who I am today. He continues to help me discover who I am and inspires me to become better!

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