OK1984 #HellaCute Chokers by Kreayshawn

So, here’s something crazy and unexpected. Kreayshawn reached out to me on IG and sent me a choker from her new line on OK1989.com! There’s a gold dolphin, a blue bloodshot eye ball, and a gold dog bone! Here’s their IG if you want to follow!

It's easy to tell that they're influenced by 90s fashion and very playful at that. The choices for the charms are fun and are 14k gold plated. They're good quality even for their simplicity.

The choker itself is 14" and made of vegan leather. Even though there are two clasps in the back, there's no stretch to this so measure your neck before purchasing! It's better for it to be a little loose than right at 14", as well.

Here I'm wearing the golden dolphin charm.

I felt that this one fit my aesthetics more than the others. The chokers and charms are well made and feel like they'll last. So if this is something that suits your looks, I recommend it!

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