Silver Lilac Hair + Birthday Presents!

I have yet another new hair color!
This time it's silver lilac hair and I'm in LOVE.

I usually keep away from purples in my hair cause I feel like it looks weird on me but I feel so good in this shade. I was originally going for straight up gray but the last time I had gray hair someone mistook me for an old person from behind T ^T That kinda ruined it for me, lol. I want to live my youth as a youth, hahaha. So having this purple shade to a gray makes it feel and look more youthful.
I'll post how I did it later. It's unconventional though since I had to get the green out but I know people will keep asking.

Lately, I've been pretty lax with my outfits. I just want to be comfortable and grab things off my clothes rack without thinking too much about it. I love dressing up and creating interesting outfits but I've been learning to let go a little with my appearance and try to live in the moment a little more.

So this is mostly how I've looked lately but I think you can see in these pictures that I've been feeling pretty good. New hair, better perspective on life, I have things I'm looking forward to, and having a more agreeable relationship with myself is refreshing to me.

*shoes from, top from love culture, shorts from F21

And now you're probably wondering where I got that bag from!

Earlier this month was my birthday and this was a seriously amazing year of presents. I did something new which was share my Amazon Wish List and even though a lot of people like doing surprises and picking gifts hoping the other person likes it, I don't do too well with those. I'm honestly a picky person and I also prefer owning items that are practical or that I'm strongly interested in. When you grow up moving around a lot and on tight money, you just prefer necessities, useful things, and whatever gets you excited.

Below are just a few of the items from my Amazon Wish List that friends gifted me!

This lovely bag is the16 Holowood Clear Studded Hologram Handbag Cross Body. It fits everything I carry and it's not too big or too small. I was surprised how perfect it was! I keep it pretty tidy in my bag so I'm good with a see through bag. It's no good for sneaking food into a movie theater though, lolol.

This one is the Beautiful Wooden Pink with Heart Hole 21' Soprano Ukulele. It's so flipping adorable and it has fine glitter in the pink. You have to look up close to see it. It takes a few days for the strings to settle and even then a few more weeks after for them to not move so much. From such a small body it makes a pretty loud sound but it's very pleasant.

And this one is the 1928 Jewelry "Heart Of Hearts" Gold-Tone and Rose Pink Heart Charm Necklace. I haven't worn it out yet. It's too precious to casually wear Dx' I don't want it to get ruined even though I know I'd take good care of it, haha.

The other gifts I got were art supplies that have been a huge help with my commissions, a pretty green aventurine necklace (posted on my IG: aprilfoolromance), and a carved Stitch figurine! The biggest present was my best friend coming down from a different state and visiting me T ^T She decorated my home and gathered videos from my friends greeting me happy birthday and some of them were so heartfelt. I definitely shed a few tears and it was sappy and warm and lovely and the most loving gratifying birthday I've ever had.

She's moving closer in just a few weeks and her family is big into holidays so it's such perfect timing with Holiday season right around the corner!! I'm thrilled with the small changes that are happening in stores. I've already gotten myself some pumpkin items and started collecting candy for trick-or-treaters :3

Anyone else excited about the holidays?!

KOJI Lash Concierge False Eyelash #08 Passion Cute Review

And at last, the final review from my package from!

It's taken awhile cause I haven't been very good at keeping up a schedule with my blog. Lately, I've been working on art commissions but I'm going to try and be a little more diligent on posting reviews I've been meaning to do ages ago and new LOTDs. Though I've been slowly working on my huge Hair FAQ post :3 It's gonna be pretty detailed and huge wall of text, but I'll be covering everything I know!

Anyways, as a reminder, here's what was in the package:
Click the links for my reviews and where to purchase!

The box comes with two pairs of lashes with a little instruction manual for those inexperienced with falsies. I'd say the package is a huge part of it's appeal.

The lashes themselves are feathery and spaced out to look natural. The hairs aren't too thick so when applied they're not overpowering. It looks like something that can be worn for minimal makeup to the makeup lovers and a nice little oomph to those that don't wear makeup often.

For me they're perfect for a lazy day or basic makeup. Though they don't have lots of volume or thickness, they still make an impression. My own eyelashes are thin even with mascara so lashes like these are perfect for minimal looks. And because they're light, I don't have a problem wearing them all day. I've worn heavier and thicker lashes that make my eyelids feel tired quicker. 

You can see in the pictures they still pop but they're not overpowering. For the way my eyelids are, I had to apply these standing up a bit. Instead of putting glue directly on the spine, I put it on top so that the lashes would stick up instead of straight out. Otherwise, you wouldn't see the feathered pattern.

The longevity of the lashes can last for quite a few wears depending on how you take care of them and how often you wear them. They're also great for stacking and creating a different combination of lashes with other styles. The band is clear and flexible so they're easy to work with and look great when applied.

Thanks for reading my review!

KOJI Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner - Deep Black Review

Hello, everyone!

Here I am with a review for very well known Japanese beauty brand, Dolly Wink!
Just about everyone I know that's into Japanese fashion have also heard about this brand as the creator is a famous fashion model.

I will be reviewing the..

HanaVillage concentrates on beauty and offers products such as circle lenses, makeup, and skin care! And to top it all off, to show how cute you are, they have a section for Instax Cameras :D The adorable little polaroid cameras :3


Dolly Wink established itself a few years ago so this review may be over done at this point but I wanted to try it out myself to see what the hype is about. For one, the the brand has one of the more eye appealing packaging I've seen for makeup so it's easy for consumers to gravitate towards it, but does the quality actually fit the look?

This eyeliner is very marker like. It has a felt tip with a very sharp point but it doesn't feel like it stabs. In time with more wear it'll start to feather a bit.

It has good range of fine to thick lines and the color is mostly consistent. It's reminiscent of water color painting, in my opinion. The outside edges slightly water down on skin. I've found myself applying two layers for a completely solid look on corners.

When I rubbed the liner off my skin, I had to do it fairly vigorously. On my eyes, it will stay for the day. The color may not be as dark though.

The sharp points allows precision but may take practice since I overreached a few times in the beginning because of how long and thin the end is. The liner is pretty concentrated even at the tip.
As you use it up, the tip does start getting a little dry so I like to have it standing felt tip down with my other makeup brushes so the liquid it still soaking up.

At $19.90, would I say this is worth the price?
If it fit my aesthetics and I was really into brands, then I would say it's a reasonable buy. But for me, I purchase things that will do and get me by. There are only a few things I'm stingy about when it comes to getting the exact brand, no matter the price, but I'm a woman on a budget so I have to choose wisely with what I spend!

Thus far, I can see this lasting me couple months of daily wear, unless you like to do very big and dramatic eyeliner like the late Amy Winehouse.

Only one more review left from HanaVillage!
The KOJI Lash Concierge False Eyelash #08 Passion cute, but until then read my review on the Geolica Holicat Barbie Brown Circle Lens and browse their awesome collection :]