KOJI Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner - Deep Black Review

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Here I am with a review for very well known Japanese beauty brand, Dolly Wink!
Just about everyone I know that's into Japanese fashion have also heard about this brand as the creator is a famous fashion model.

I will be reviewing the..

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Dolly Wink established itself a few years ago so this review may be over done at this point but I wanted to try it out myself to see what the hype is about. For one, the the brand has one of the more eye appealing packaging I've seen for makeup so it's easy for consumers to gravitate towards it, but does the quality actually fit the look?

This eyeliner is very marker like. It has a felt tip with a very sharp point but it doesn't feel like it stabs. In time with more wear it'll start to feather a bit.

It has good range of fine to thick lines and the color is mostly consistent. It's reminiscent of water color painting, in my opinion. The outside edges slightly water down on skin. I've found myself applying two layers for a completely solid look on corners.

When I rubbed the liner off my skin, I had to do it fairly vigorously. On my eyes, it will stay for the day. The color may not be as dark though.

The sharp points allows precision but may take practice since I overreached a few times in the beginning because of how long and thin the end is. The liner is pretty concentrated even at the tip.
As you use it up, the tip does start getting a little dry so I like to have it standing felt tip down with my other makeup brushes so the liquid it still soaking up.

At $19.90, would I say this is worth the price?
If it fit my aesthetics and I was really into brands, then I would say it's a reasonable buy. But for me, I purchase things that will do and get me by. There are only a few things I'm stingy about when it comes to getting the exact brand, no matter the price, but I'm a woman on a budget so I have to choose wisely with what I spend!

Thus far, I can see this lasting me couple months of daily wear, unless you like to do very big and dramatic eyeliner like the late Amy Winehouse.

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