KOJI Lash Concierge False Eyelash #08 Passion Cute Review

And at last, the final review from my package from HanaVillage.com!

It's taken awhile cause I haven't been very good at keeping up a schedule with my blog. Lately, I've been working on art commissions but I'm going to try and be a little more diligent on posting reviews I've been meaning to do ages ago and new LOTDs. Though I've been slowly working on my huge Hair FAQ post :3 It's gonna be pretty detailed and huge wall of text, but I'll be covering everything I know!

Anyways, as a reminder, here's what was in the package:
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The box comes with two pairs of lashes with a little instruction manual for those inexperienced with falsies. I'd say the package is a huge part of it's appeal.

The lashes themselves are feathery and spaced out to look natural. The hairs aren't too thick so when applied they're not overpowering. It looks like something that can be worn for minimal makeup to the makeup lovers and a nice little oomph to those that don't wear makeup often.

For me they're perfect for a lazy day or basic makeup. Though they don't have lots of volume or thickness, they still make an impression. My own eyelashes are thin even with mascara so lashes like these are perfect for minimal looks. And because they're light, I don't have a problem wearing them all day. I've worn heavier and thicker lashes that make my eyelids feel tired quicker. 

You can see in the pictures they still pop but they're not overpowering. For the way my eyelids are, I had to apply these standing up a bit. Instead of putting glue directly on the spine, I put it on top so that the lashes would stick up instead of straight out. Otherwise, you wouldn't see the feathered pattern.

The longevity of the lashes can last for quite a few wears depending on how you take care of them and how often you wear them. They're also great for stacking and creating a different combination of lashes with other styles. The band is clear and flexible so they're easy to work with and look great when applied.

Thanks for reading my review!

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