Pastel Velvet Witch

Hello, everyone!

Recently got a few new additions to my wardrobe and I'm happy to have them!
They're the velvet twin sets from Tooth And Eye on Etsy!

The Sky Witch + The Strawberry Witch

These are incredibly perfect for people that don't want to part ways with the summery/spring pastels as cold weather creeps in. I've worn these a few times out already during warm weather and cool weather and I'm just pleased ♡

Between the two I'm in love with the Sky Witch. It's such a lovely color and it makes me feel heavenly ♡ I had to take this picture with my angel wings. The texture is my favorite part though cause it can make a simple outfit pop.

This isn't my style anymore but I put it together anyways cause I thought it was cute for pictures. Typically, I've been wearing the skirt with white tops and the top with white bottoms. Ahhh, I love wearing light colors. I think they look beautiful on brown skin ♡

Tbh, I gravitate towards pink like crazy still even though I can't incorporate these pieces as easily for my current preferences and style. When I saw this set I just couldn't help myself. I'd probably work the Amethyst Witch better now looking at it. That's okay though, I'm sure once Spring rolls around I may want my pink hair back and this is gonna be amazing with it.

Geolica Euro Lady Aqua Blue Circle Lens Review!

~ This review is based on my own opinion and experiences. ~

Please take a look at my Circle Lens Care page if you are interested in circle lenses!

Here's the next lens from the Euro Lady series from GeoColouredLenses!
This time it's the Geolica Euro Lady Aqua Blue.
Read my Lime Green and Pearl Gray reviews :]

I forgot to take a picture of the blue ones for the bottom right picture and the lens picture but the pictures I used are still from the same series, just in gray.

Color + Pattern
Just as the other two colors I've reviewed from this series, I'm just as impressed with them. For someone with dark brown eyes, like me, these give just enough color to make them look believable without being too bright. I had someone ask if my eyes were naturally blue :0 So these are pretty believable.

The label says they're 14.2mm but that's hard to believe with the size difference. I wear 14.5mm clear contact lenses which look the same size as these. Though they definitely do appear more natural sized versus other lenses that are labeled 14.5mm for that dolly look.

I would expect monthly lenses to be soft, moisturized, and comfortable, and these meet up each expectation. I would recommend just from comfort alone!

Over All
Yet another wonderful color that I'm sad to part ways with from the Euro Lady series! I had thrown them away before I could get those two pictures I mentioned earlier. I've been pretty forgetful lately Dx'' But I'm glad I got these pictures that showcase their subtle beauty. They're not overpowering which makes them great for daily wear and super comfortable.

I have two more to review which is the Cobalt Blue and the Light Brown!