Pastel Velvet Witch

Hello, everyone!

Recently got a few new additions to my wardrobe and I'm happy to have them!
They're the velvet twin sets from Tooth And Eye on Etsy!

The Sky Witch + The Strawberry Witch

These are incredibly perfect for people that don't want to part ways with the summery/spring pastels as cold weather creeps in. I've worn these a few times out already during warm weather and cool weather and I'm just pleased ♡

Between the two I'm in love with the Sky Witch. It's such a lovely color and it makes me feel heavenly ♡ I had to take this picture with my angel wings. The texture is my favorite part though cause it can make a simple outfit pop.

This isn't my style anymore but I put it together anyways cause I thought it was cute for pictures. Typically, I've been wearing the skirt with white tops and the top with white bottoms. Ahhh, I love wearing light colors. I think they look beautiful on brown skin ♡

Tbh, I gravitate towards pink like crazy still even though I can't incorporate these pieces as easily for my current preferences and style. When I saw this set I just couldn't help myself. I'd probably work the Amethyst Witch better now looking at it. That's okay though, I'm sure once Spring rolls around I may want my pink hair back and this is gonna be amazing with it.

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