Grey Rose Long Sleeve + Black High Waist Skirt - sent me a couple cute items to show off!
Buy Here: Top | Skirt

Buy Here: Top | Skirt

The top is something I wouldn't normally choose but I was drawn to the cozy color scheme and I have an extreme lack of long sleeves. Looking at it in person and trying it on, I'm ridiculously surprised with how much I like it! It's comfortable and feels like a typical boyfriend shirt. You know, the kind that's baggy and comfortable and you just want to lounge in all day?

Which inspired me to take these kind of pictures instead of the usual!

Other than a lounge shirt, it's easy to style for a casual day. I just put on some shorts when I went out but you can wear any kind of plain bottoms with this top. Things I would wear with it would be a white or powder pink maxi skirt, beige harem pants, black high waist jeans, or an evergreen or pink pleated skirt.

As for the skirt, I actually didn't have a plain black skirt before this :0 I'm really bad at collecting basic items for my wardrobe even though I know it will expand the possibilities of different coordinations Dx'

The waist has a wide elastic band instead of a set size with a zipper, which I prefer. The quality is pretty nice and I feel like it will be durable. The cut is clean and it looks good over all. The way it falls and moves around is lovely.

I couldn't get many pictures of this one because it's such a plain piece it was hard to make an outfit with my current wardrobe without something else overpowering it or hiding it.

This is the first time I'm working with TrendyFine and it was a good experience. The package was to arrive 8-12 business days and it did arrive on the very last day, but since it's business days it took most of the month. It came in a gray plastic package and the clothes inside came in their own plastic packages.

I'm pretty happy all in all :] I'm probably gonna wear out both these items, haha. When the colder months are over, I'll probably wear the top at home to sleep in or something. I just love it so much! And the skirt is an all year item I can style it for different occasions so that's plus :3

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