Brighten and Renew Chamomile Rose Face Mask

Lately, this has been my go-to face mask! It's great for combination skin!
If you're interested, read my review here:

Hello, everyone!

I've decided to start a new blog with a new name but I'll keep the content on this blog available and I'll continue making preview posts here until I see fit. I had been wanting to start new for awhile so I went for it :] Feel free to join me if you'd like!

Lorina xoxo

MoistureRose Me Soap for Soft Skin + Natural Deodorant

*my Mac is still wonky so I'm still editing pictures on my phone, sorry for the low quality pics!!

This review will consist of an awesome natural soap and natural deodorant in the MoistureRose Me scent! I'm super thrilled to share this!

I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 16 - Kiwi Sherbet Circle Lens Review

Ahhh! First, I want to point out and apologize for the different quality and layout of this circle lens review. My Mac is starting to see it's last days and my husband's computer isn't doing so well either so I had to edit my photos using a phone app and then make the post on a slow computer T OT'' !!!

I was just looking at some old reviews and am now feeling sad I can't use my layout lol So please excuse the change in the meantime ; 3; It might be awhile till I can get back to it so I hope this will still show the lenses off well enough for you! My goal for these reviews is to help you see what the lens really looks like!

Okay, here we go!

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~ This review is based on my own opinion and experiences. ~
Please take a look at my Circle Lens Care page if you are interested in circle lenses!

Birthday goodies! Lizzy Storm Designs + ZooShoo

My birthday was earlier this month and here are some of my favorite presents from my best friend ♡

I consider myself a difficult person to get gifts for. I like practical things that suit me and I don't like wasting money. Other than that, I don't like accepting money or gifts, idk, I'm hesitant and I don't feel like I deserve it, lol. So things have to be pressed on to me.

My best friend knows me well, and even though she considers this impersonal, I feel that it's the best route to take with me. She gave me birthday money to get something I truly will enjoy, and this way, I can be as stingy and picky as I want with the money, lol.

So, I'll be linking where these items are from!

Epic Organics Review - Skin Care

I'm continuing my search to replace all my bath and beauty products with natural choices.
What I'll be sharing with you are products from Epic Organics at Etsy!

I've ordered twice from them already and I'll be reviewing all the items in those orders. Keep reading if you're interested in natural alternatives for skin care :] Especially if you have oily/dry combination skin!

Dover Koa & Black Wood Watch by Jord

Technology advancements have given us smart phones and even smart watches but there's always something classic about a finely crafted wrist watch. As an appreciator of a variety of arts, this wood watch was too beautiful to pass up!

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Free Shipping Worldwide to International Customers!

Wood isn't a medium I've used before but my father-in-law does carpentry professionally and as a hobby. The works I've seen him do are amazing so woodwork is something I admire. Something like this would definitely make a great gift! The overall look and presentation is wonderful.

Sapphire Diamond Rings by Jeulia

My husband and I have always done things together. Before we got married in 2010 he was with me picking out wedding dresses as I tried them on. The most important thing to us is being there for each other. We're basically inseparable.

Getting married was special and the rings we have are just as important to us as they're his late grandmother's and grandfather's rings. However, before we agreed to marriage we never looked at it like the peak of our love. To us, it's just a piece of paper with a few rings to make it public. It's not the symbol of our love, we are our own symbol with the way we treat each other.

So I've never wanted or asked for an expensive ring or a big wedding. I just wanted to spend the rest of my life with the person I love. The most I would ask for, is I'm going to wear a ring I want it to be pretty and either meaningful or matches my personality.

In comes, Jeulia, an affordable online jewelry store! They approached me to review a product so I took this opportunity to get new wedding rings that my husband and best friend agreed matches my personality. I'll still wear my first rings, but when I'm in the mood for a dark theme, I'll switch out to these. Eventually, my husband will get something matching with peridot instead of sapphire :3 Our birthstones!

Now that the backstory is out of the way, I'll get onto the review and pretty pictures, lol.

Pt 3 of 3: PureLips on Etsy - Youthful face! - 100% Natural Vegan Cleanser and Facial Buttercreme Review

My last review of the products from PureLips at Etsy!
Look through her store for natural vegan products for skin, hair, and makeup!
Favorite their store on and Like them on FB.

These last two are the cleanser and facial buttercreme.
My skin is oily/dry combination and a little sensitive. Very oily nose, chin, and forehead, and then dry and flakey cheeks that go up to my temple that can be painful if not taken care of.
It's frustrating (◕︿◕✿)

Pt 2 of 3: PureLips on Etsy - Bright eyes make a bright face! - 100% Natural Vegan Under Eye Concealer Review

Here is the second post of a three piece review of products from PureLips, a 100% Natural Vegan store at Etsy!
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Pt 1 of 3: PureLips on Etsy - Wonderfully nourished skin! - 100% Natural Vegan Body Cream and Lip Treatment Review

What you will see today are products from PureLips at Etsy, a 100% natural vegan beauty store!
The products range from skin care, hair care, and makeup.
Favorite their store on and Like them on FB.

The products I purchased are the...

(Their store names are different from their label names.)

In this review, I will be highlighting the body cream and the lip treatment.

Natural 3tones Grey Circle Lens Review


Aren't these lenses too gorgeous and so natural looking?!
I got them from
Click the link to be sent directly to them!

~ This review is based on my own opinion and experiences. ~
Please take a look at my Circle Lens Care page if you are interested in circle lenses!

Color + Pattern
The color is a lovely medium tone grey. It shows best in good lighting and in dim light it shows slightly. They look natural, far and close. Of course, if you're in very personal space you'll see they're not real, but they're still appealing at that distance because of the design. The limbal ring (dark outer ring) is one of my favorite features of this lens. It somewhat blends in with the grey, giving it a texture that imitates a real iris. I've read in an article about eye colors that darker limbal rings are considered more youthful and attractive!

It's 14.5mm but it doesn't reach the ends of the lens itself so there is no enlargement. It's a natural size lens.

They're my go to lenses the past few months and they've been comfortable to wear! As usual, keep eye drops on you and try not to exceed 8 hours of wear!

These are on my list of repurchases. There aren't many circle lenses that look natural AND beautiful like this. I really wish they were my eye color. There's not much else I can say other than I love them!

Here are more pictures! It was a bit cloudy so these aren't the clearest pictures.

Thanks for taking a look at my review :]

Take Care!
Lorina ♡

Affordable Natural + Cruelty Free Bath + Beauty Products SUUUPER Wish List!!

WARNING: long post!

First and foremost, this will NOT be a place for judgement or argument when it comes to going vegan or all natural. Everyone comes from different financial backgrounds, disadvantages and advantages, and beliefs. This is simply my first step into natural body and beauty products and there will be room for myself and any reader to learn more. This doesn't mean my blog is turning into a natural only blog either.
Ultimately, what we purchase is for our own individual happiness, interests, and within our life's limitations.

It's not for everyone and in many cases it's not a lifestyle someone can afford whatsoever regardless of how affordable something can be. A lot of people only have time to work and sleep and just "pay those bills"! And maybe pick out a little nice something for themselves. Everyone who works hard deserves to treat themselves and be happy about it.

For me, these products are within my price range. I would like to slowly swap out my products with these items that I've literally spent HOURS searching for, specifically for my needs. Just with any product, giving it a test or trial to see if it will work well and doesn't trouble you is smart. So this will likely be a slow process within my budget and I'll likely change out some items down the line.

I'm keeping in mind that my body is used to all the chemicals in my products right now and in the long run if I start and continue to use natural products, I will likely become sensitive to brands I can get right off the shelf down the road when I'm in a pinch. That's a concern I wouldn't want to face so preparation is important.

Once again, some people don't have that luxury so it's definitely a lifestyle and a privilege. It's not just buying products, it's having the time to find good ones, having the money to try different things to find the right ones for YOU, and it's availability is super important.


I will be explaining my skin and hair type within this list so if you have similar needs, this list will likely be more of use to you and if it's not, I encourage you to look at the other products in the brand's web stores for your skin and hair needs.

Now, onto my huge natural wish list!!
Don't forget to check ingredients in case of allergies!!

Lorina's Sally Beauty Supply Favorites!

Hello, everyone!

I couple months ago I was contacted by Sally's Beauty Supply to be featured in their March store flyer! It definitely didn't feel real and I only told a few people just in case I was only dreaming.

But here I am!!

A few people DMed me on IG taking pictures of the ads when they saw me!

As you can see, Sally's quoted me from a couple of old reviews on ION Color Brilliance Brights and Beyond the Zone Color Jams. Brilliance Brights is still my goto hair dye because of it's availability but Color Jams was something I used when I was younger and frequently experimenting with my hair.

Anyways, I thought that about making a post about my favorite products from Sally's since I've been going to there for SEVERAL years now. That's where I got all my supplies when I started experimenting with my hair at 13-years-old and now I'm 25 :000

I have a Sally's Beauty Card and I go every month to spend at least $25 so I can get my monthly 15% off! It's very convenient for me since I go there so often :]

So let's start!

Gray Fuzzy Sweater from!

Hello, everyone!

So who's doing a LOT of layering with their outfits right now? It's pretty chilly here in South Florida, so I can only imagine the cold horrors people are experiencing up north! I'm not equipped for such weather. I've only a couple heavy jackets (probably more like autumn jackets up there, haha) and some long sleeves.

A new addition to my closet that's helping me stay warm is this gray fuzzy sweater from

I'm in loooove with fuzzy fabrics right now. I'm a texture person and I can't keep my hands to myself when I'm shopping in a store for clothing or for fabrics.

Since this is a gray sweater, it can pick up shades from different lighting making it appear more blue or yellow. In person it's a dark medium gray slightly towards a blue tone.

This piece is great for layering as it's super stretchy and the fabric wouldn't fight against layers underneath it or over it.

The quality is great! It should last me a long time.

Go check out TrinityStyles for more clothing like this and stay cozy and warm in this winter weather!

Take care,
Lorina ♡

ICK Clara Violet Circle Lens Review

~ This review is based on my own opinion and experiences. ~
Please take a look at my Circle Lens Care page if you are interested in circle lenses!
This lens is from Lensvillage!

Color + Pattern
I love patterns like this that allow a smooth blend with your own eye color. I think these would look really great on any color because of that, and it looks fairly natural. The pixel pattern can only be seen very closely.
This lens isn't eye catching, but it's charming. The subtle color and the dark brown limbal ring gives a soft look. These look like natural purple eyes! On people with a smaller iris than mine, you'll be able to see the purple through the whites of your eyes and it will be very pretty :]

At 15mm, they are big lenses but because of the soft dark brown limbal ring, it doesn't look as harsh as black limbal rings which can look unnatural. You can see in the pictures above that there's still quite a difference.

They're very thin and soft lenses. I've not experienced any discomfort or dryness! But as always, keep eye drops with you!

Over All
Like I said, these are charming. They may not be an immediate choice for most but this is perfect for those that want something subtle and comfortable. I can always imagine wearing something dark like this and someone doing a double take.

Take care,
Lorina ♡

10 Different Ways to Style Short Medium Length Hair

For my hair, I'm starting off this year by putting away my extensions and experimenting with my short medium length hair. I needed to do my roots not too long ago so I thought this would be a great time to share how I've been achieving my silver color and show you the hair styles I'm planning to wear!

In order to get a light silver hair color, you have to have very light hair. There's no skipping from black hair to silver hair. Since mine is black, I have to bleach my hair three times with 30 developer. The result is the picture to the left above. It's very yellow.

To get silver hair, I've been using ION Color Brilliance Brights Purple diluted with white conditioner.  Overestimate yourself when adding in purple. I always put too much in. Typically I use enough conditioner to cover my hair and then start adding in the dye. This time around I did a very light amount which gave me a beige silver.
You can still see yellow parts. Those are the areas that didn't get bleached enough.

There are silver dyes like from Pravana, but I haven't bought any only cause this dye is readily available to me at Sally's Beauty Supply. I don't mind the different results, whether it comes out beige silver, silver, or purple. They're all pretty!

Though I'm really in love with the shade right now!

As for my current hair length and cut, this is how it looks straight and lightly curled in. I do my hair myself with no help, cut and dye and all, so it's a mess, lol. But, it's fun and it gives me a lot more control over how I want to look.

So here are the styles I've thought up thus far that will work with this kind of cut!

(Ngl, I've been watching a lot of Friends on Netflix and I think it's had a ridiculous influence on this, lol.)

If you're curious, the flower accessories were gifts from one of my best friends, bought from Crafts Way in Hawaii! She sent me a little video when she was in there and the shelves were FILLED with so many pretty flowers. I wish I could see it in person and buy one of everything!

Well, I hope this inspires someone out there :] I know a lot of people get bored with short medium hair quick but try these out and as well as victory rolls, crown braids, and accessories!

Thanks for stopping by and take care!
Lorina ♡

Choco Crystal Toric Contact Lens For Astigmatism Review

~ This review is based on my own opinion and experiences. ~
Please take a look at my Circle Lens Care page if you are interested in circle lenses!

This is a very special circle lens review. What separates these from the others is that they're for astigmatism! Astigmatism, in simple terms, is when the surface of your eyes have an irregular shape instead of being smooth. Therefore when I don't wear contacts specifically shaped for my eyes, my eyesight will still be a little blurry. For example, I wouldn't be able to read very small text.

Regular circle lenses are an accessory to me so I don't use them when I need full vision and concentration. Some of us are okay with sacrificing a few things here and there for a look, lol. I'm not tripping all over myself or anything. Just don't give me fine print xD

Typically, I use them when I go out and do reviews but I thought it would be nice to have a pair of circle lenses that I can use beyond that. So here's my review for my first toric lens :]

Buy the Choco Crystal Toric Contact Lens For Astigmatism at!

Color + Pattern
I decided to choose a natural color close to mine since I wanted to use these a little more daily. They're actually a tad bit darker than my own eyes but I love how pearly and shiny they look. The pattern doesn't really show up unless the whites of my eyes show through which doesn't happen often.

For 14.4mm, these look pretty big and it's due to the fact that they're a dark solid color. It adds to the effect. I was hoping it would only be a bit bigger than my own eyes but I'm okay with these, they're not too large. They're dolly and pretty.

These are a slight bit thicker. If you've ever used EOS Dolly Eye, they're kind of like that. I'm assuming it's because they're toric lenses. It's not uncomfortable but my eyes do get red after maybe 6 hours. I haven't experienced any dryness though.

Over All
They're pretty standard circle lenses, but as lenses for astigmatism, they do go blurry once in awhile and I think that's because of the lenses moving around. I used my last eye prescription when ordering these and it's possible I may need to get a check up if my eyes changed at all. I recently got new glasses using my last prescription and they're perfect so I was thinking it was going to be the same. Not sure, but I probably should make an appointment anyways!

I'd say these are a commitment since they cost $60, which is basically $10 per month I'm using them so I'm okay with that. Toric lenses are always more expensive since they're order made to your prescription.

I'm still pretty happy with them though. After years of wearing circle lenses as accessories, having a pair that I can use for work and reading, lol, is nice. I've also been appreciating dark brown eyes more and more too.

If you're curious about my experience with OhMyLens, my lenses came pretty quickly and it came with a free contact lens case. As well as a guide that helps you open the bottles, take the lens out, and how to use them safely! I really love that :] It's very important to take care of your eyes!

On their site, they have a wide selection of choices and they organize their lenses by color and size! Double love that. Take a look around and if you're a blogger, see about getting a free pair in exchange for a review!

Thanks for reading and take care!
Lorina ♡