10 Different Ways to Style Short Medium Length Hair

For my hair, I'm starting off this year by putting away my extensions and experimenting with my short medium length hair. I needed to do my roots not too long ago so I thought this would be a great time to share how I've been achieving my silver color and show you the hair styles I'm planning to wear!

In order to get a light silver hair color, you have to have very light hair. There's no skipping from black hair to silver hair. Since mine is black, I have to bleach my hair three times with 30 developer. The result is the picture to the left above. It's very yellow.

To get silver hair, I've been using ION Color Brilliance Brights Purple diluted with white conditioner.  Overestimate yourself when adding in purple. I always put too much in. Typically I use enough conditioner to cover my hair and then start adding in the dye. This time around I did a very light amount which gave me a beige silver.
You can still see yellow parts. Those are the areas that didn't get bleached enough.

There are silver dyes like from Pravana, but I haven't bought any only cause this dye is readily available to me at Sally's Beauty Supply. I don't mind the different results, whether it comes out beige silver, silver, or purple. They're all pretty!

Though I'm really in love with the shade right now!

As for my current hair length and cut, this is how it looks straight and lightly curled in. I do my hair myself with no help, cut and dye and all, so it's a mess, lol. But, it's fun and it gives me a lot more control over how I want to look.

So here are the styles I've thought up thus far that will work with this kind of cut!

(Ngl, I've been watching a lot of Friends on Netflix and I think it's had a ridiculous influence on this, lol.)

If you're curious, the flower accessories were gifts from one of my best friends, bought from Crafts Way in Hawaii! She sent me a little video when she was in there and the shelves were FILLED with so many pretty flowers. I wish I could see it in person and buy one of everything!

Well, I hope this inspires someone out there :] I know a lot of people get bored with short medium hair quick but try these out and as well as victory rolls, crown braids, and accessories!

Thanks for stopping by and take care!
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Choco Crystal Toric Contact Lens For Astigmatism Review

~ This review is based on my own opinion and experiences. ~
Please take a look at my Circle Lens Care page if you are interested in circle lenses!

This is a very special circle lens review. What separates these from the others is that they're for astigmatism! Astigmatism, in simple terms, is when the surface of your eyes have an irregular shape instead of being smooth. Therefore when I don't wear contacts specifically shaped for my eyes, my eyesight will still be a little blurry. For example, I wouldn't be able to read very small text.

Regular circle lenses are an accessory to me so I don't use them when I need full vision and concentration. Some of us are okay with sacrificing a few things here and there for a look, lol. I'm not tripping all over myself or anything. Just don't give me fine print xD

Typically, I use them when I go out and do reviews but I thought it would be nice to have a pair of circle lenses that I can use beyond that. So here's my review for my first toric lens :]

Buy the Choco Crystal Toric Contact Lens For Astigmatism at OhMyLens.com!

Color + Pattern
I decided to choose a natural color close to mine since I wanted to use these a little more daily. They're actually a tad bit darker than my own eyes but I love how pearly and shiny they look. The pattern doesn't really show up unless the whites of my eyes show through which doesn't happen often.

For 14.4mm, these look pretty big and it's due to the fact that they're a dark solid color. It adds to the effect. I was hoping it would only be a bit bigger than my own eyes but I'm okay with these, they're not too large. They're dolly and pretty.

These are a slight bit thicker. If you've ever used EOS Dolly Eye, they're kind of like that. I'm assuming it's because they're toric lenses. It's not uncomfortable but my eyes do get red after maybe 6 hours. I haven't experienced any dryness though.

Over All
They're pretty standard circle lenses, but as lenses for astigmatism, they do go blurry once in awhile and I think that's because of the lenses moving around. I used my last eye prescription when ordering these and it's possible I may need to get a check up if my eyes changed at all. I recently got new glasses using my last prescription and they're perfect so I was thinking it was going to be the same. Not sure, but I probably should make an appointment anyways!

I'd say these are a commitment since they cost $60, which is basically $10 per month I'm using them so I'm okay with that. Toric lenses are always more expensive since they're order made to your prescription.

I'm still pretty happy with them though. After years of wearing circle lenses as accessories, having a pair that I can use for work and reading, lol, is nice. I've also been appreciating dark brown eyes more and more too.

If you're curious about my experience with OhMyLens, my lenses came pretty quickly and it came with a free contact lens case. As well as a guide that helps you open the bottles, take the lens out, and how to use them safely! I really love that :] It's very important to take care of your eyes!

On their site, they have a wide selection of choices and they organize their lenses by color and size! Double love that. Take a look around and if you're a blogger, see about getting a free pair in exchange for a review!

Thanks for reading and take care!
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Black + White, Suns + Moons

Finally caught up on all my clothing reviews!
This last one is from YoyoMelody.

I've taken a really basic, laid back approach to my fashion sense lately and this is a perfect addition. Sure, it doesn't have much to it but it looks great by itself.

The sizes on the website will be very off if you live in the US so make sure you check the measurements. The top I'm wearing is an XXL, their largest size. I could of gone a size or two down, depending on how fitted I want it. It's not the same product in their pictures, but I still like it.

The graphics on this dress doesn't look like the stock pictures on their site. I'm not a huge fan of it, but had I not seen the original, I may have been okay with this design. It's also a beige color instead of white. The cut is different as the shoulders are broader. I ordered an XXL, their largest size for this piece, since the measurements were closer to my preference and size, but the fabric is very, very stretchy and I would of probably preferred the L. 

Letting all those things go, it looks rather good in pictures and that kind of cut is generally flattering for many body types. Since it doesn't fit me well, I don't see myself wear it a lot though. So if you like this piece and want it fitting, choose a size or two down! Depending on your measurements.

This is one of the first pieces I've gotten since I chose to add more texture to my wardrobe to make my outfits pop. I feel that being able to imagine how something feels through a picture gives a sense of reality, like seeing smoke from a hot cup of cocoa.

Since I'm in Florida, I don't need very thick jumpers. Having a light piece like this where air can flow through is best for me to be able to wear it more than just a few times in the year when it actually gets cold. There's no form to this top, giving it a relaxed look, and gives space for comfortable layering.

The cold weather finally came back! So I'm looking forward to creating something with these pieces :] Cold weather here means it's gotta be ridiculously freezing everywhere else in the US!

Bundle up and take care!
Lorina ♡

Stripes, Hearts, & Velvet

Got a couple more items from TrendyFine.com!
I've been eyeing velvet and stripes for awhile which led me to these choices :]

I put this on immediately and didn't want to take it off. It's a comfortable, adorable sweater that's not too heavy so I can still wear it in other seasons but I can easily layer underneath or over it too. The heart elbows are a cute touch! It comes in M and L, and it's got some stretch to it. A+

Velvet creates great texture for an outfit, especially in pictures. I've got a small collection of velvet skirts now and this deep red one is my favorite! It's such a beautiful color and a great length for me as a high waist skirt, as someone just shy of five feet. Keep that in mind if you're tall, measurements are available on the webstore's description.

Thus far, I'm enjoying all the items I've gotten from TrendyFine. This was my last review for them. I'm trying not to overwear them too much, haha. I prefer to rotate my pieces as evenly as possible so I don't make too many repeat outfits. It's difficult since these go with so many things and they're so comfy ; 3;

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and take care!
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Six Kisses, Three Pieces

Here are a few pieces I ordered from SixKisses.com!
It's taken me a bit to get some pictures together since my husband and I barely have time together anymore and he's the one that takes my outfit pics! I may have to resort to mirror pictures in the future if I actually want to blog a little more regularly again ; ___;

Advertised on their website, this was a pretty bright red so I was surprised that it came as a rich burgundy. I'm very happy with what I received! I wish they had pictures that reflected just how beautiful it actually is.

Unfortunately, it only comes in one size and it only has a bit of stretch. It's suitable for autumn/winter weather. It keeps heat in really well and it's fairly soft. It comes in other colors: grey, black, khaki, navy, and white. I wouldn't mind a collection of this!

I have a plain little black dress, but I didn't have a plain little white dress!
This is such a simple but pretty piece!

What's unique about it, to me, is that the straps are laced in the back. It gives you control of how long or short you need the straps which is great for those of different height and/or bust. This comes in a S, M, and L with measurements offered in the description. It fits me well when on but I do have broad shoulders so putting it on and off is just a little tight because the fabric has no stretch. Instead it has a zipper on the side.

I already put this through the wash when it first came and it didn't shrink. However, the ends of the straps aren't closed. I'm not sure if that's on purpose or not. You can see in the picture of the back of the dress how the string has come out of itself. It's no bother to me and an easy fix. I'll just tie it off and cut the excess.

I wanted to try something a little different and trendy from what I have in my wardrobe. Grids have been pretty popular for awhile now and I wanted to see if I would like it.

Of all the pieces, this one is my favorite. It's easy to wear and easy to style. The outfit I put together is very simple but with this long sleeve on top, it puts everything together!

It comes in a few other color combinations but I've been in love with grey as of late and it compliments most of the items I've been wearing. What I like about this long sleeve is that the fabric is soft and light, but it feels pretty durable. The style is something that can be used on and off as trends come and go since it's basic.

 It only comes in one size and it seems to range fairly well but there is no stretch to the fabric so there's a limit to the shoulders and arm circumference. The sleeves are probably of average length. As you can see on me, they go to my knuckles.

It took a bit for the items to reach me. I'm not sure if it's just because it was during December, as busy as that month already is, but I'm happy with the pieces :]

Thanks for stopping by and take care!
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