Black + White, Suns + Moons

Finally caught up on all my clothing reviews!
This last one is from YoyoMelody.

I've taken a really basic, laid back approach to my fashion sense lately and this is a perfect addition. Sure, it doesn't have much to it but it looks great by itself.

The sizes on the website will be very off if you live in the US so make sure you check the measurements. The top I'm wearing is an XXL, their largest size. I could of gone a size or two down, depending on how fitted I want it. It's not the same product in their pictures, but I still like it.

The graphics on this dress doesn't look like the stock pictures on their site. I'm not a huge fan of it, but had I not seen the original, I may have been okay with this design. It's also a beige color instead of white. The cut is different as the shoulders are broader. I ordered an XXL, their largest size for this piece, since the measurements were closer to my preference and size, but the fabric is very, very stretchy and I would of probably preferred the L. 

Letting all those things go, it looks rather good in pictures and that kind of cut is generally flattering for many body types. Since it doesn't fit me well, I don't see myself wear it a lot though. So if you like this piece and want it fitting, choose a size or two down! Depending on your measurements.

This is one of the first pieces I've gotten since I chose to add more texture to my wardrobe to make my outfits pop. I feel that being able to imagine how something feels through a picture gives a sense of reality, like seeing smoke from a hot cup of cocoa.

Since I'm in Florida, I don't need very thick jumpers. Having a light piece like this where air can flow through is best for me to be able to wear it more than just a few times in the year when it actually gets cold. There's no form to this top, giving it a relaxed look, and gives space for comfortable layering.

The cold weather finally came back! So I'm looking forward to creating something with these pieces :] Cold weather here means it's gotta be ridiculously freezing everywhere else in the US!

Bundle up and take care!
Lorina ♡

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