Choco Crystal Toric Contact Lens For Astigmatism Review

~ This review is based on my own opinion and experiences. ~
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This is a very special circle lens review. What separates these from the others is that they're for astigmatism! Astigmatism, in simple terms, is when the surface of your eyes have an irregular shape instead of being smooth. Therefore when I don't wear contacts specifically shaped for my eyes, my eyesight will still be a little blurry. For example, I wouldn't be able to read very small text.

Regular circle lenses are an accessory to me so I don't use them when I need full vision and concentration. Some of us are okay with sacrificing a few things here and there for a look, lol. I'm not tripping all over myself or anything. Just don't give me fine print xD

Typically, I use them when I go out and do reviews but I thought it would be nice to have a pair of circle lenses that I can use beyond that. So here's my review for my first toric lens :]

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Color + Pattern
I decided to choose a natural color close to mine since I wanted to use these a little more daily. They're actually a tad bit darker than my own eyes but I love how pearly and shiny they look. The pattern doesn't really show up unless the whites of my eyes show through which doesn't happen often.

For 14.4mm, these look pretty big and it's due to the fact that they're a dark solid color. It adds to the effect. I was hoping it would only be a bit bigger than my own eyes but I'm okay with these, they're not too large. They're dolly and pretty.

These are a slight bit thicker. If you've ever used EOS Dolly Eye, they're kind of like that. I'm assuming it's because they're toric lenses. It's not uncomfortable but my eyes do get red after maybe 6 hours. I haven't experienced any dryness though.

Over All
They're pretty standard circle lenses, but as lenses for astigmatism, they do go blurry once in awhile and I think that's because of the lenses moving around. I used my last eye prescription when ordering these and it's possible I may need to get a check up if my eyes changed at all. I recently got new glasses using my last prescription and they're perfect so I was thinking it was going to be the same. Not sure, but I probably should make an appointment anyways!

I'd say these are a commitment since they cost $60, which is basically $10 per month I'm using them so I'm okay with that. Toric lenses are always more expensive since they're order made to your prescription.

I'm still pretty happy with them though. After years of wearing circle lenses as accessories, having a pair that I can use for work and reading, lol, is nice. I've also been appreciating dark brown eyes more and more too.

If you're curious about my experience with OhMyLens, my lenses came pretty quickly and it came with a free contact lens case. As well as a guide that helps you open the bottles, take the lens out, and how to use them safely! I really love that :] It's very important to take care of your eyes!

On their site, they have a wide selection of choices and they organize their lenses by color and size! Double love that. Take a look around and if you're a blogger, see about getting a free pair in exchange for a review!

Thanks for reading and take care!
Lorina ♡

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