Stripes, Hearts, & Velvet

Got a couple more items from!
I've been eyeing velvet and stripes for awhile which led me to these choices :]

I put this on immediately and didn't want to take it off. It's a comfortable, adorable sweater that's not too heavy so I can still wear it in other seasons but I can easily layer underneath or over it too. The heart elbows are a cute touch! It comes in M and L, and it's got some stretch to it. A+

Velvet creates great texture for an outfit, especially in pictures. I've got a small collection of velvet skirts now and this deep red one is my favorite! It's such a beautiful color and a great length for me as a high waist skirt, as someone just shy of five feet. Keep that in mind if you're tall, measurements are available on the webstore's description.

Thus far, I'm enjoying all the items I've gotten from TrendyFine. This was my last review for them. I'm trying not to overwear them too much, haha. I prefer to rotate my pieces as evenly as possible so I don't make too many repeat outfits. It's difficult since these go with so many things and they're so comfy ; 3;

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and take care!
Lorina ♡

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