Lorina's Sally Beauty Supply Favorites!

Hello, everyone!

I couple months ago I was contacted by Sally's Beauty Supply to be featured in their March store flyer! It definitely didn't feel real and I only told a few people just in case I was only dreaming.

But here I am!!

A few people DMed me on IG taking pictures of the ads when they saw me!

As you can see, Sally's quoted me from a couple of old reviews on ION Color Brilliance Brights and Beyond the Zone Color Jams. Brilliance Brights is still my goto hair dye because of it's availability but Color Jams was something I used when I was younger and frequently experimenting with my hair.

Anyways, I thought that about making a post about my favorite products from Sally's since I've been going to there for SEVERAL years now. That's where I got all my supplies when I started experimenting with my hair at 13-years-old and now I'm 25 :000

I have a Sally's Beauty Card and I go every month to spend at least $25 so I can get my monthly 15% off! It's very convenient for me since I go there so often :]

So let's start!

*** I'm not a hair dresser or cosmetologist. This is a hobby and these are the items that I've tried over the years that I enjoy.

-- HAIR --
I naturally have black hair that's thick and pin straight. It's very strong and healthy. My hair gets greasy pretty fast x[ As it is right now, it's bleached and colored to a light medium silver.

I've been buying this dye ever since it came out! It's always available so if you want a change immediately, instead of buying online, you can go to the nearest Sally's!

It's a very thick cream, making it difficult to mix and apply, but I personally add in white conditioner to smoothen it out and to add more moisture to my hair. Some people mix in water. I make my own shades using other colors and adding in conditioner for lighter/pastel colors.

It kind of smells like soap. It's not too strong to me but it's an apparent scent.

My favorite shades are Magenta diluted with conditioner (my roots in the picture are straight from the tube), Purple diluted with a lot of conditioner to make silver lilac, and Aqua straight from the tube! All of this was on light bleach blonde hair.

My hair is basically jet black. It takes a lot of work for it to lift and this product does an amazing job with only a one step process! At the time I was using this I had auburn hair. It's a noticeable difference and the auburn truly shows through. It helped blend into the rest of my hair which was bleached and dyed over with an auburn shade.

I had this hair about four years ago so I don't have many pictures from that time anymore but there's this one. Maybe about four inches down from my roots is the HiColor Hilights for Dark Hair Only, which I know is hard to see, but it blends well with the auburn I had dyed the rest of my hair to. Underneath the rest of my hair was BRIGHT GREEN!! It took a few times to get the shade I want right.

I did have one bad experience with it once. I forget which shade it was (I'm thinking Copper) but it felt like it was burning my scalp :[ This is why testing first is important! If you do your own hair at home, you're risking yourself!! The other times went well though and it wasn't uncomfortable and did the job well!

L'Oreal Quick Blue Powder Lightener
I'm frequently asked how I do my hair and what products I use. This is the bleach that I use. I don't experiment much with different lighteners cause I'm familiar with this and I know it works well for me. I know how long I need to have it in, how strong it is, how much I need for my hair, how long it lasts, etc. I use Salon Care 30 Volume Creme Developer with this.

There seem to be mixed reviews on it, with positive views leaning in favor, but you really need to know what you're doing when you lighten hair. This isn't something that can be casually done, which is why there are professionals that do it. It's really a skill, on top of knowing your hair and what products to work with it. I'm very lucky that I have hair that's good for experimenting.

Coconut oil is great for your hair and skin! I specifically use it for my hair. When I shower, I like to add a bit to my conditioner and it makes my hair feel absolutely lovely and soft. Too much will make your hair feel stringy and greasy when it's dry though!
This is only $6USD and I like that it's in a plastic container. The coconut oil I used to buy was in a glass jar and I accidentally broke it lol

This is some kind of miracle treatment. The times I've used this is after a big hair change that causes a lot of damage, and this treatment feels like it reverses the damage on my hair. It's a bit of a process to do but worth it if you have the time/patience (which I don't always have, and I'm lazy LOL).
If my memory serves me right, the protein part may smell a little funny.

It's been a VERY long time since I've used this but I'm quite fond of it still. I just tend to be a creature of habit and buy the same things over and over again. Still, I remember this making my hair very soft and it felt so healthy. This would be a good investment!

Just... use it. Just do it. If you have the money to spend on it, treat yourself. Ngl, I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and theirs has a simple yet appealing aesthetic that reels me in big time. The products themselves are good though. They have good ratings and when they release something new it's basically almost always sold out pretty fast.
The product I use from them that I restock for myself is the Miracle 7 Leave-in Mist for Extensions.

-- SKIN --
I have oily/dry combination skin. It's so difficult!!!
I've never been able to truly balance it out BUT, at this time I do have a pretty good line up of products that gets rid of the dry skin and keeps it from coming back, and reduces the oil. I used to have to scrub my face almost every day in a desperate attempt to get rid of the dry skin but it just wouldn't go away and it hurt and my face was just in agony D;

This cleanser caters towards dry skin and it has tiny little grains in it like a daily scrub. I've heard that people with big pores may have problems with tiny grain kind of face cleansers but mine aren't that big and I haven't had any problems. The only thing is sometimes I miss some grains when I'm washing it off but that's not much of a problem.
The tube is somewhat small but you only need about a chickpea size of the product to cover your face and neck. I don't know how well it would work for sensitive skin but doesn't feel strong. It's clean and refreshing. No tingly feelings or anything. My skin doesn't feel dry or uncomfortable after using this.

Immediately after I dry my face I put this on. It's a hair product but I mostly use it for my skin, and honestly it works better for my skin than my hair (but my hair has been through a lot lol).
The texture is silky without it feeling too heavy or oily when using the right amount. The scent is light and warm.

You'd think that oil would make an oily face worse but I guess I've been trying to get rid of it so much that my face was compensating. So now I use this but in the morning I only put it on the dry areas and leave the oily areas alone for a different product. At night I use it for my whole face.

My face still gets very oily but it feels better and looks more like a shine than just oily at least. I haven't put enough time in to see what combinations of my products works best for that part but I'm glad the dry skin is gone.

Aside my face, I use it for my body and I lock it in with my favorite lotion (St Ives Skin Renewing Collagen Elastin) and WOW, the result is amazing.

Then after the oil, I put this on. Sometimes I use it all over my face and neck or just the dry areas and my neck. This is a thin cream and it doesn't feel heavy if used without the oil. It works pretty well by itself but I'd rather not chance it since my dry skin gets patchy, accentuates/creates wrinkles, and is sometimes painful. I have noticed though that even on my oily areas, they're not as bad when just using this.
There's no fragrance. It takes awhile to dry unless you work it into your skin. The texture feels nice and there's definitely lots of moisture.

A mask for dry skin? Yes, please, thank you. One problem with clay masks is that it can draw out too much moisture and that's no bueno for me. This mask is gentle but it cleanses beyond your daily face cleanser/wash. I use it once a week and it's pretty quick, only 10-15 minutes.

This mask is stronger which I use only for the oily areas of my skin or areas with larger pores. If you have pretty noticeable pores and black heads, this won't be strong enough to make a huge difference. This is kind of a "keep up" product, as in you have to have fairly good skin already and this just helps keep it that way.

For something with more strength, I use this. It can have a bit of that minty/burn sensation when it's applied thickly. I mostly use this for my nose since it has the biggest pores.

-- MAKEUP --
I buy my essentials from different stores. I don't have much of a makeup collection, just what I like and what I know. These are the products from Sally's that I repurchase.

I like a natural lip color that's warm and compliments my skin tone and hair. These two combined are beautiful. The liner doesn't budge much, only when I eat.

My lips are naturally two toned in a way that kind of looks like I already have lip liner on and my upper lip is darker than my bottom lip so I use Natural as a base color all over and then Suede to match the darker shade. Oh, I do dab some red liner in the middle of my lips.

If you use this lightly and let it sit in place for a couple seconds longer, it'll soak up the oil and leave a light cover of powder without it looking cakey. Otherwise, pressing it too hard may take some of your makeup off and make you look powdery, uneven, or cakey.

I love these since I get shiny pretty quick and the powder keeps my skin looking soft almost like when I apply fresh makeup. I don't use any products to help reduce oil just cause I haven't done my research on those products yet. I've read some of them clog up your pores and I'd rather just have oily skin that'll keep me from getting wrinkles faster lol

This is a convenient product that I like to have around. It's easy and quick to use and takes off all my makeup with a couple sheets, except some stubborn mascara. I use coconut oil to break that down and then wipe it off. It feels fresh and clean!


I randomly try out things here and there when I have money to spare. They constantly have deals that'll give you the chance to try something new. There are even sample sizes of some products so you don't have to dedicate yourself to a huge bottle at full price. There are still MANY products I haven't had the chance to use yet but for sure I will continue to go to Sally's for a veeeery long time.

If you try out any of my favorite products, let me know what you think about them! And share what your favorites are with me so I can try them out too :]

Take care,
Lorina ♡

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