Affordable Natural + Cruelty Free Bath + Beauty Products SUUUPER Wish List!!

WARNING: long post!

First and foremost, this will NOT be a place for judgement or argument when it comes to going vegan or all natural. Everyone comes from different financial backgrounds, disadvantages and advantages, and beliefs. This is simply my first step into natural body and beauty products and there will be room for myself and any reader to learn more. This doesn't mean my blog is turning into a natural only blog either.
Ultimately, what we purchase is for our own individual happiness, interests, and within our life's limitations.

It's not for everyone and in many cases it's not a lifestyle someone can afford whatsoever regardless of how affordable something can be. A lot of people only have time to work and sleep and just "pay those bills"! And maybe pick out a little nice something for themselves. Everyone who works hard deserves to treat themselves and be happy about it.

For me, these products are within my price range. I would like to slowly swap out my products with these items that I've literally spent HOURS searching for, specifically for my needs. Just with any product, giving it a test or trial to see if it will work well and doesn't trouble you is smart. So this will likely be a slow process within my budget and I'll likely change out some items down the line.

I'm keeping in mind that my body is used to all the chemicals in my products right now and in the long run if I start and continue to use natural products, I will likely become sensitive to brands I can get right off the shelf down the road when I'm in a pinch. That's a concern I wouldn't want to face so preparation is important.

Once again, some people don't have that luxury so it's definitely a lifestyle and a privilege. It's not just buying products, it's having the time to find good ones, having the money to try different things to find the right ones for YOU, and it's availability is super important.


I will be explaining my skin and hair type within this list so if you have similar needs, this list will likely be more of use to you and if it's not, I encourage you to look at the other products in the brand's web stores for your skin and hair needs.

Now, onto my huge natural wish list!!
Don't forget to check ingredients in case of allergies!!