Affordable Natural + Cruelty Free Bath + Beauty Products SUUUPER Wish List!!

WARNING: long post!

First and foremost, this will NOT be a place for judgement or argument when it comes to going vegan or all natural. Everyone comes from different financial backgrounds, disadvantages and advantages, and beliefs. This is simply my first step into natural body and beauty products and there will be room for myself and any reader to learn more. This doesn't mean my blog is turning into a natural only blog either.
Ultimately, what we purchase is for our own individual happiness, interests, and within our life's limitations.

It's not for everyone and in many cases it's not a lifestyle someone can afford whatsoever regardless of how affordable something can be. A lot of people only have time to work and sleep and just "pay those bills"! And maybe pick out a little nice something for themselves. Everyone who works hard deserves to treat themselves and be happy about it.

For me, these products are within my price range. I would like to slowly swap out my products with these items that I've literally spent HOURS searching for, specifically for my needs. Just with any product, giving it a test or trial to see if it will work well and doesn't trouble you is smart. So this will likely be a slow process within my budget and I'll likely change out some items down the line.

I'm keeping in mind that my body is used to all the chemicals in my products right now and in the long run if I start and continue to use natural products, I will likely become sensitive to brands I can get right off the shelf down the road when I'm in a pinch. That's a concern I wouldn't want to face so preparation is important.

Once again, some people don't have that luxury so it's definitely a lifestyle and a privilege. It's not just buying products, it's having the time to find good ones, having the money to try different things to find the right ones for YOU, and it's availability is super important.


I will be explaining my skin and hair type within this list so if you have similar needs, this list will likely be more of use to you and if it's not, I encourage you to look at the other products in the brand's web stores for your skin and hair needs.

Now, onto my huge natural wish list!!
Don't forget to check ingredients in case of allergies!!

Face Products

My Skin Type
oily/dry combination
dry cheeks - can feel tight and uncomfortable, eventually turns flakey and painful without moisturizer
oily everything else - excess oil on my nose (almost wet looking at it's worse); forehead, around the nose, and chin gets "dewy" but not as glamorous lol - only non oily when I'm using products to balance it out but my nose still shines a bit after awhile

I wouldn't consider my skin to be sensitive, but I'm cautious at best and I can be too rough on my skin at times. My cheeks are what I'm concerned about the most cause of the uncomfortable dryness and flakiness, then my nose because the oil is ridiculous and difficult to keep contour on, but I would choose happy cheeks over lasting contour.
My skin is fairly clear with a few pimples that rarely get very big or bad, my pores enlarge without proper care, few blackheads, the texture is okay except for my cheeks sometimes so I need exfoliation without hurting myself. It's a little work but it typically reacts well to new products. I don't break out easy or get too red. I stay cautious of heavy fruit concentrated facial products because of a couple bad experiences in the past.

Acure Organic Facial Cleanser Gel $9.99
Claims to be for oily and combo skin which makes me cautious for my dry cheeks, but it also says it cleanses and purifies without drying. I may need two different moisturizers with this, to balance the oil and the dryness.

PureLips Green Tea and Clay Cream Cleanser and Makeup Remover for Mature and Sensitive Skin with Coconut Milk Powder. Natural. Vegan Cold Cream. $10
For Mature skin tends to mean it's for dry skin trying to bring moisture back to the skin. There's a mild and gentle exfoliating factor to this and one of the ingredients is kaolin clay which is good for oily skin. My guess is I can skip moisturizing my nose and just tone it, but do a light moisturizer on my everything else.

Facial Toner
PureLips All Natural Hibiscus Facial Toner with Hyaluronic Acid, Sea Minerals and Multi Teas. 100% Vegan. $10
This toner claims to tighten pores, clean and wipe away impurities. The hibiscus has a high percentage of vit c and has natural moisturizing properties. Not for sensitive skin. Stains clothes.

PureLips Unscented Rosehip Hibiscus Boosting Facial Serum - Light Weight Moisturizer with Superfood for Skin in Airless Bottle. 100% Vegan. $17
This is one of the more expensive products on this list but it's ingredients and claims are hard not to resist even for the small 1fl oz bottle. In the descriptions I've read for natural products, "a little goes a long way" is a saying that pops up a lot. The usage directions says to use a very thin layer. I'll only be using this on my cheeks so maybe this really will go a long way.

PureLips Vegan Mineral Primer - Unscented Natural Make Up Primer and Moisturizer for All Skin Types and Sensitive Skin. $15
A moisturizer AND a primer. I'll probably have to be careful with this on my nose (or use a powder primer) and skip all moisturizer on days I'll wear makeup and just use this instead.

Face Scrub
PureLips Cleansing Grains - All Natural 13 Exotic Grains, Herbs and Clay Facial Scrubs for Acne Prone Skin - 100% Vegan. Unscented. $10
"So gentle, no scratch whatsoever," is it's claim while removing dry surface patches. This is a dry formula so you can add liquids or oils of your choosing. You can also use this as a mask or body scrub.

PureLips SAMPLE - Charcoal and Clay Face Mask - with Coconut Milk Powder and Organic Green Tea- All Natural. Vegan. $6
I like charcoal masks so I naturally gravitated towards this. Charcoal draws out oil, dirt, and other harmful substances from clogged pores.

Hair Products

My Hair
Having natural black hair and doing a light silver shade means my hair is extremely processed and damaged from bleach and stripping out as much yellow from it as possible. However, my hair is naturally very strong and soft so it's still manageable and strong with care and trims. My roots have grown and my scalp tends to get greasy in a day or two, depending on my activity since I exercise. I only wash my hair every couple days at the most. I usually let conditioner sit in my hair instead of shampooing unless it's super built up from products.

It's a medium length at this time, colored a dark ash brown (due to the silver underneath but I'm going back to black soon), and my ends need the most treatment being dry but with no split ends, at least for my untrained eyes. My hair grows about an inch every month and a half, even when I bleached it, so imagine how fast it'll grow with using natural products!! That's what I'm hoping for at least.

This company's target audience are for those to use on infants but it can be used for the entire family. It's hypoallergenic, vegan, pH balanced, and color safe for hair. I've read some reviews on this and it seems promising for hair and body.

This is for normal to fine/limp hair to create volume without stripping natural oils and is safe for color treated hair. This may not be so effective for my oily roots, but I have my dead ends in mind.

Dry Shampoo
WildEarthCrafts Herbal Dry Shampoo - pH Balanced for Sensitive Scalps - Gentle, Organic - Dark & Light Hair Formula $4.00+
White dry shampoos can make dark hair look chalky and dull so I'm going for the cocoa formula.

PureLips Vegan Natural Herbal Extract Hair Conditioner - Protein-Rich Intensive Treatment for Dry, Damage, Brittle Hair. $8.50
I have high hopes for this conditioner because of my processed hair needing every bit of nourishing. If you're in the same boat, read the description!

PureLips Natural Roselle Hibiscus Intensive Hair Conditioner and Detangler. Vegan Intensive Cream Rinse and Detangler for All Hair Types. $15
This is supposed to encourage hair growth and circulation, decrease split ends, hydrate, and detangle locks. Hibiscus will stain fabric but says it won't stain hair.

Hair Spray
Carina Organics Pure & Natural Fast Drying Hairspray $9.99
I've only seen a few reviews on this but nothing thorough enough for me to completely trust it but not keep me away either. It's worth a shot.

Hair Mask
OrganicSkinShop Long Hair DO Care. Organic hair-growth stimulating mask/ hot oil treatment. $7
In the description, the creator of this product uses it on her hair extensions! It's gotta be pretty good to bring some life back to already cut and used hair. Fingers crossed!

Skin Products

My Skin
My biggest concern over the years is having soft skin. I don't have clear skin, but in most places it's very soft. I'm looking to remedy the former. In general, my skin is normal to a little oily on my upper arms, upper back, and chest when I'm active or if the weather is muggy or hot. Those are also the most affected areas - __-
I'm sure the chemicals in the products I've been using over the years have not been helping and have been keeping my skin soft because of the "protective" and "barrier" chemicals that create a coat on my skin. Though I do my best to keep my body well hydrated internally which affects your outward appearance.
I wouldn't consider my skin sensitive or dry but I don't like trying new body washes or lotions much because I really, really, really do NOT like a dehydrated feeling body.

The Honest Co. Sunscreen SPF 30 $13.95
Another Honest product that I'm hoping to be promising. I've read that you should use sunscreen at least up to 30 SPF and that it should be broad spectrum.

The Honest Co. Sunscreen Stick SPF 30 $9.95
For easier application on faces, ears, and noses! I don't know how my skin will react to this but I keep saying to myself, if it's good for babies, it's gotta be good for me lol.

Body Wash
Acure Clarifying Body Wash $9.99
This specifically targets body breakouts and reduce imperfections while keeping your skin hydrated.

Pacifica Vegan and Cruelty Free Body Wash $10
This product is available at Target and they have a wide range of scents! This is a convenient product since I can go down the road. This'll likely be the first body wash I'll try.

Once again, if it's good for babies, it's gotta be good for me xD

The Honest Co. Face + Body Lotion $9.95
It's made with organic olive, shea, jojoba, and safflower oils. Another high hope product since I haaaate dry skin and I want to hit it on the dot with lotion instead of trying a bunch of different ones.

Pacifica Vegan and Cruelty Free Body Butter $15
To pair their body wash are matching body butter scents. It's pretty pricey for me considering the size of the bottle but maybe "a little goes a long way" works with this product.

Makeup Products

My Interests
I'm seeking things that won't exacerbate my current facial skin problems while looking natural. I'm sure my nose will still beat out the best with oil, so it's important that what I touch up with won't look bad and that it won't dry out my cheeks. Combo skin is really tricky D;'
On top of that, I need something that will match my medium skin tone and it's undertones. Thankfully, a good number of these products can be bought as samples!

PureLips Vegan Mineral Primer - Unscented Natural Make Up Primer and Moisturizer for All Skin Types and Sensitive Skin. $15
The only reviews I've seen of this are short ones directly posted to their web store which isn't enough for me to get a good idea of what this does for skin like mine but there have been enough positive praise for my curiosity to purchase this in the future. I'm fairly loose on my stance with primer so it won't be a big deal if it doesn't work well. I'll still use it as a backup moisturizer since it's made with good stuff.

Alima Pure Mineral Primer $20
Sample sizes are $1.75 and I've seen some reviews that say they last quite a bit for samples so you can really get a feel for it.

PureLips Bare Skin Natural Liquid Foundation Serum. Weightless Mineral Foundation in Serum Base with Fruit Extracts. 100% Vegan. Unscented. $15
Foundation AND serum. Serums are made to be extra-light, fast absorbing liquids used as an alternative or in addition to creams or lotions. Definitely will probably want to use a powder primer for my nose with this one.
The color Desert Sand looks like a near perfect match for my skin tone but it's encouraged to buy samples first to try out and to test on the skin.

Alima Pure Mineral Satin Matte Foundation $20
Sample sizes are $1.75 and I've seen some reviews that say they last quite a bit for samples so you can really get a feel for it. Mineral makeup is great for oily skin so this is another high hopes product. They have an amazing range of colors.

PureLips All Natural Concealer - Under Eye Concealer Cream with Coffee Seed Oil, Pomegranate for Dark Circle, Blemish, Redness Spots, Bruises. $12
I've seen lots of hype for this in the web store reviews even though I'm a little iffy on it. I haven't had much success with concealer but I desperately want one that works will with my skin and natural puffy eye bags. My under eye area is a strange place of oily, normal, and dry - ___-' Idk what to do with it.

Alima Pure Mineral Concealer $14
Sample sizes are $1.75 and I've seen some reviews that say they last quite a bit for samples so you can really get a feel for it. There are six different colors for light to dark complexions.

Bronzer + Contour
Alima Pure Minerals Bronzer $20
Alima Pure Minerals Contour $20
Samples at $1.75
There's three different bronzers but only one contour shade. Kinda iffy on that but I'd like to try.

Eye Liner
Zuzu Luze Liquid Eyeliner $14.85
Liquid black eyeliner is a staple to my makeup. I need something that'll stay on, be matte, and be DARK. I've seen a few reviews and swatches of this in different colors and it's beautiful. May need a couple layers for a solid color. I hope it lasts awhile and doesn't dry out fast.

Etherealle Natural Vegan Eyeshadow $3-$9
I wish there were swatches of the colors instead of photoshopped eyes but with over 15k sales and 5 out of 5 stars with 4k reviews, I'm okay with a little testing since the price is low for samples at $3. I tend to stick to neutral colors anyways but they have lots of colors to choose from.

Etherealle Natural Vegan Blush $3-13
No swatches either but you can buy a sample size at $3 and there are matte and shimmer blushes with lots of different shades.

Lip Colors + Balms
Etherealle Natural Vegan Lipsticks $3-$10
Swatches and model pictures! Yes! And they're beauuutiful. Light and dark colors, natural and unnatural. I'm specifically eyeing Papaya (orange peach) and Soft Spoken (semi sheer light peachy pink).

Pacifica Vegan and Cruelty Free Devocean Natural Lipsticks $14
Any lipstick hitting $10 is a commitment lol. I use lip liner more than lip color so lipstick isn't something I look into much. I would like to try Firebird, Natural Mystic, and Rebel Sol in this line though.

PureLips Lip Balms $4-$5
Non tinted lip balms with different flavors. I'm looking at the Green Tea Creme Brulee *A* My lips chap super easy no matter how much chapstick I use. I'm guessing it's those chemicals preventing actual moisture. Please, please work. I have a bad habit of peeling till I bleed sometimes . _.'

PureLips Vegan Tinted Lip Balm - Statement Ruby. All Natural Unscented Lip Tint in Rich Red. $6
Tints are more of my thing now than solid color. I'm expecting a pretty flushed lip color from this.

Makeup Remover
The Honest Co. 3-in-1 Facial Towelettes $6.95
It claims to be extra gentle for delicate eyes and sensitive skin. I prefer towelettes but want to be less harsh with my face. Hope this does me good.

Other Products

Some of the ingredients in all these products I've listed above may not be amazing, but I don't know. I still have very little knowledge on this subject and at one point I kinda pooped out on reading so many articles on ingredients so some of the products may be lazy picks lololol.

But that's my natural wish list!
For now :3


! Special Feature !

Environmentally Friendly Hygienic Products for People with Menstrual Cycles

These aren't all natural products but they're environmentally friendly, better for your body, convenient, and it will save you money in the long run! These two companies are the ones I will be purchasing from in the near future and will be my first try of these kind of products!

Intima Lily Collapsible Menstrual Cup
Party In My Pants Pads

For those of you unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the idea of these, read through this FAQ and the reviews for the reusable pads, then these pages [x], [x] for the cup, on how it's ultimately the best move for your body and comfort to use one or both of these options when it comes to your period and how it's NOT gross or unsanitary.

Let's all be mature about this. Periods are natural yet people who have them are shunned and made to feel embarrassed about it. We have enough insecurities and this shouldn't be one of them. For most people, talking about periods make them uncomfortable because they either think it's gross or it takes away sex appeal which can make a person who has periods feel embarrassed and insecure. It's a ridiculous cycle.

1. They're not gross. If periods are gross, then your entire body is gross. Regardless of what reproductive organs you have or how attractive you are. Human bodies do strange things. It will do what it needs to.
2. Guess what?! People aren't sex objects!! Someone on their period doesn't make them less sexy and someone not on their period doesn't make them more available for sex.
3. If someone makes you feel embarrassed or insecure about your period, there's little I can say to comfort you but your body will do what it can to take care of you. Your body is constantly fighting for you to be your best. Healing you up, alerting you when you're hungry or thirsty, telling you when you need to sleep. This is just a different kind of care. It's healthy and normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

I really do trust that reusable pads and menstrual cups will help ease some of your period concerns, especially for those that want to be discreet, save money, and generally want more comfortable periods.


Alright, that's the end, finally!

Let me know if you've used any of these products and what you think about them or give me some recommendations of your favorite natural products and hygiene products!

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